Discover the story of Cleopatra's queen

Queen Cleopatra was dubbed the symbol of the Egyptian goddess of love, she had the secret of

Queen Cleopatra was named the symbol of the Egyptian goddess of love, she had the secret "the room" that made many people fall in love.

Cleopatra Queen - The ancient "sex" symbol

The historical record notes that Queen Cleopatra has a beauty that captivates many kings and kings. She was even the inspiration of countless sculptures, plays and poetry. They all praised her beautiful "snapper" , worshiping her mastery in the field of "love".

The true beauty of Cleopatra may forever be a mystery because her mummy has been floated on the Seine in France, so the forensic examination industry today cannot restore the mirror. her real face.

However, scientists can describe the portraits of the queen thanks to the 10 ancient coins engraved with Cleopatra still in good condition. According to the portrait on the face of the coin, Cleopatra has a fairly large neck, a beaky nose, long ears, jutting chin, thin lips and a modest height of 1.5m.

Obviously, in ancient times, people had a different view of beauty in modern times, but compared to women at that time, the "magnificent" queen had a perfectly average beauty. But why did Cleopatra become the symbol of beauty, a "sex" symbol of ancient times? Although Cleopatra is not really beautiful, she possesses the most powerful weapons to conquer the hearts of the two most powerful men, Emperor Julius Caesar and the mighty Roman general Mark Antony . Although it is not a great beauty, Cleopatra possesses a beautiful and extremely sexy body.

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Queen Cleopatra has a beauty that captivates many kings and kings.

The evidence lies in hieroglyphs engraved on the walls of the queen's tomb: Cleopatra is curled up in a carpet and brought to the Emperor Caesar's palace. When the carpet opened, the Roman emperor could not resist the charm and "hotness" of the beautiful people. Only after this fateful night, she became Caesar's lover. Since then, the reputation of a beauty who made a majestic emperor must be "burdened", offering the whole of Egypt to the beautiful people who have occupied the emperor's heart of iron.

According to documents left at large Egyptian libraries, Caesar's emperor was enthralled by Cleopatra because she was a rare genius in ancient Egypt. The queen can speak 9 languages ​​and is extremely intelligent. She enjoyed a comprehensive education, was empowered and exposed leadership very early. Moreover, she was fortunate to have a sweet voice, a story, however boring, but told by the queen's "lovely" voice also became a fascinating story.

In Cleopatra's life book, the historian Plutarch writes: "Cleopatra's words contain an indescribable enchantment. She speaks, her character shows through every action. Her voice is sweet. sweet . ". Cleopatra's intelligence has been praised in Arabic and Egyptian literature.

She built a powerful army, a fleet of warships to confront the Roman empire, help Egypt be strong and keep peace. However, intelligence and talent are still not enough to seduce the two mighty men, her secret lies in the "art of love" and the same great cell.

Historians said Cleopatra was the "sex bomb" of ancient times. Men of the time, especially the princes, generals and emperors all wanted to be "close" to Cleopatra, to enjoy the feeling of sublimation and the "virtuosity" of the queen in the field of "love." "

Master of fragrance and beauty

With a thorough understanding of human physiology, Cleopatra knew the power of fragrance in the love life. Because of that, the queen gave the courtier a study and extracted a special oil according to her direction. Many people believe that this aromatic essential oil has helped her body always radiate incense and make men do not want to leave.

With his wisdom and knowledge in the field of fragrance, Cleopatra has made two of the best men in Rome fall.

Although Cleopatra does not own the magnificent beauty, she is very focused on taking care of her body. Typically skin care and physique. She did not hesitate to use natural herbs such as milk, clay . to take care of her face and body against the Egyptian heat.

It is no coincidence that Cleopatra can become the desire of tens of thousands of ancient Egyptian and Roman men.

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