Revealing the world's fastest camera shooting ... 10,000 billion frames per second

With an incredible speed, super cameras were created by scientists from the University of Quebec and the California Institute of Technology (USA), who have been breaking records and are now the fastest camera in the world.

Super camera is named T - cup . Its shooting speed is so fast that it can record light movement.

The development of this newly developed super-camera is the basis for a new technology to serve in medical research or blood tests in future hospitals.

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The world's new super camera is currently quite bulky.

Techniques developed by scientists are called femto - photography . Earlier, this was developed by MIT researchers, creating a system that captures images at a rate of one trillion images per second.

With the ultra-high speed of the camera, scientists were able to capture moving light, using cameras to synchronize with each of the laser's pulses to capture two-dimensional images of the object.

'With the new super camera, we seem to be able to freeze time to see the phenomena that many people think are unimaginable to capture the movement of light in extremely slow motion. It has great significance for medical and scientific research, 'said Jinyang Liang, the project scientist responsible for the project.

Even scientists are still intending to continue to "speed up" this super camera in the future.

Earlier, not long ago, researchers in Sweden announced the creation of the world's fastest camera that could capture up to 5 trillion frames in a second. This camera is called FRAME (Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures).

Developed at the University of Lund, FRAME can streamline the path of light and capture events of superfast events in just 0.2 trillion seconds.

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