Russia is ready to deliver goods to the universe to help America

Russia said it was ready to transport cargo to the International Space Station (ISS), after the US Antares rocket suddenly exploded in midair yesterday.

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"Although NASA has not yet proposed, but we have a mutual support agreement if there is a need arises, such as after losing a cargo ship or other emergencies," Aleksey Krasnov, who In charge of manned flights of the Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos, told RIA Novosti.

Picture 1 of Russia is ready to deliver goods to the universe to help America
The Antares missile is on the Pad-0A launch pad at the base of the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) at Wallops, Virginia, on October 26.(Photo: Reuters)

"In such cases, we always put our partners on the priority list and they do the same for us. If there is an urgent request to transport any goods to ISS by cargo ship. We will do it, " he added.

The US Aeronautics Agency (NASA) Antares rocket, carrying unmanned cargo spacecraft, exploded last night (US Eastern time) in mid-air only 6 seconds after leaving the launch pad.

The $ 200 million ship turned into a fireball and more than 2 tons of cargo is expected to be delivered to ISS.

NASA confirmed that the incident will not affect astronauts working on the space station, because they have all the necessities to use until March next year. The US also plans to launch another cargo ship, SpaceX Dragon, on December 9.

Meanwhile, the Russian spacecraft Progress M-25M, carrying nearly 3 tons of food, fuel and equipment for ISS, was successfully launched today with a Soyuz missile from Kazakhstan.

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