Science confirms, women cover up the 'cuckold' more cleverly than men

Just by looking at the face of a man, a woman can tell whether one person makes another

For a long time, the eyes were still considered to be the 'window of the soul' , a body part that was hard to cover up for deception, no matter how clever the owner was. 

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Infidelity is more evident in the face of men. (Artwork:

However, in a recent study, scientists from the University of Western Australia showed that just by looking at a man's face , a woman can detect whether someone makes a person 'cuckold' or not. , while men are less likely to have this for women.

To reach this conclusion, the scientists conducted a study of 1,500 people, showing them photos of 189 white people, including 101 men and 88 women. First, the scientists will ask these people if they have 'partner horns' or not. 

The respondents then arranged these photos in a order from 1 to 10. Accordingly, the number 1 is 'completely incapacitated' and the number 10 is 'extremely easy' to betray.

The results showed that both men and women were able to accurately assess the facial disloyalty in men, but found it difficult to judge the female. This shows that infidelity is more pronounced on the face of men.

When conducting this study, scientists want to test not only the ability of men and women to detect the risk of cheating on each other but also the risk of 'cuckold' to others. 

The scientists who led the study showed that up to 70% of people in more than 50 cultures attempted to 'steal partners' from someone and 60% did it successfully.

The research was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

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