Scientific perspective on apocalyptic hypotheses

Some assumptions about the Earth's day of destruction lacked scientific evidence, including Issac Newton's hypothesis.

Apocalypse hypothesis on September 23 and October 15

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Planetary hypothesis X crashed into Earth rejected by NASA.(Photo: Sun).

David Meade, Christian deity researcher predicts planet X or planet Nibiru will crash into Earth and destroy all humanity on September 23, 2017. His prediction is based on codes that are believed to be from the Bible. NASA once denied this theory and claimed that planet X does not exist.

When September 23 passed without any event like Meade predicted, he immediately changed his statement. According to Meade, everyone misunderstood his prophecy and the end of the world will happen 7 years, starting October 15.

During this 7-year period, many disasters will occur, such as solar storms that can destroy the grid system on Earth, nuclear attacks, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. However, scientists argue that his hypothesis is not valid.

Apocalyptic prediction of Issac Newton scientist

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Issac Newton predicted the end of the world to take place in 2060. (Photo: Daily Express).

Issac Newton discovered gravity and was the father of modern physics. However, he is also a devout and interested in paranormal things. In a letter written in 1704, Newton predicted the world would perish in 2060, 1,260 years after the Holy Roman Empire was formed.

However, his prediction is based entirely on a biblical passage and there is no clear scientific evidence. His letter is on display at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Suppose the large particle accelerator (LHC) destroys the Earth

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The world's largest particle accelerator is located in Switzerland.(Photo: International Business Times).

Large particle accelerator (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator manufactured by the European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN). The machine is being located in an underground facility near Geneva, Switzerland. Some are concerned that the LHC will create black holes capable of swallowing the Earth.

Scientists at CERN acknowledge that the machine can produce black holes, but they will be very small and pose no danger. LHC started operating in 2008 and has continued to operate normally.

The Sun faded and swallowed the Earth

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When it becomes a red giant, the Sun will swell and swallow the surrounding planets.(Photo: BBC).

Scientists estimate that, about 5 million years from now, the Sun will turn into a red giant star due to the burning of helium. The study, conducted by astronomers Klaus-Peter Schröder and Robert Connon Smith in 2008, shows that the Sun will expand about 170 million kilometers, swallowing Mercury, Venus and possibly the Earth.

Whether Earth is swallowed or not, the Sun's change will destroy life on Earth. The oceans evaporate, water decomposes into hydrogen and oxygen, and the creatures are burned.

Mankind will have to find a way to leave Earth to another planet with more ideal living conditions. Even the future people with advanced technologies can try to move the Earth to a more suitable location in the universe.

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