Self-winding machine for deep-lying people

A young engineer built small wind turbines, costing only 1 million VND, and wanted to show how to do this for people in remote areas.

Tran Quoc Hieu, 24 years old, graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and the Grenoble INP University of France, studied and built a wind-powered generator with a capacity of 60 kW per month.

With this amount of electricity, a rural household may be able to light up. The effect of creating a popular horizontal axis turbine with 3 propellers.

Picture 1 of Self-winding machine for deep-lying people
National Flag and his generator turbine.

The initial difficulty of assembling a wind turbine is to build a propeller and select a dynamo to generate electricity, he said. Finally, after a long period of research, he chose to make a wooden propeller, while the dynamo came from a motorbike. These are components that can be easily processed and purchased in the market.

This turbine has a higher capacity than the Chinese type, but the cost is only a third of that, Hieu said. The brand has no intention of registering copyright or putting it into business, but just wants to be popular for people, especially in deep areas, to apply in life, because this type of turbine is easy to do.

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