Six rocks windbreak in Anyadiva

In the town of Anyadiva in the Andès Mountains of Pérou there is an altar of stone. This stone is built from 6 marble slabs 4m high, 2m wide and 2m thick, weighing 80 tons, they are used as retaining walls.

Picture 1 of Six rocks windbreak in Anyadiva The place where the temple is built is 10km away from the place where the stone is taken. The worker at that time had to follow the mountain along the mountain, the river was running fast and through the plains to bring the stones to the top of the mountain of 1,500m high. This is a very difficult job to do.

The main part of the monument comes from the Inca Empire. The golden color of the altar was erected, in the sunlight and the Moon emitted a dazzling aura, evoking the distant imagination in people's minds.

So who is that superior technique made from two hands? Why is it lost later? That is still a mystery without an explanation.

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