Smartphones have skin like human skin, shudder

According to Gizmodo,

Realizing that humans needed a new way of interacting, French researchers introduced human-like material to fit into electronic devices in the future.

According to Gizmodo, the "Skin-On interface" , a project carried out by French researchers will provide users with a new input method.

"When we interact with others, we will use the skin as a user interface. However, the object of communication today is the phone has a cold surface. This does not allow the way to enter. In this project, I want to create a surface that when people communicate with each other will feel in the most natural way, " explained Marc Teyssier.

Picture 1 of Smartphones have skin like human skin, shudder Photo 1 of Smartphones have skin like human skin, shudder
Material such as human skin will be used as a means of future input.(Photo: Marc Teyssier).

Future phones will have a skin-like surface that can sense and recreate the sensation of pinching, tickling, poking, grasping, shivering . These are sensations that have a specific meaning in the message. .

Like human epidermis, Skin-On is made up of many layers. This membrane can detect and decode the forces it receives and regenerates.

In addition to mobile devices, Skin-On can also be applied to wearables, health monitors, robots and possibly future projects.

Skin-On developer has not provided a specific date for when it will be sold. But Skin-On information is being presented at the New Orleans Symposium Software and User Interface Technology.