Son Doong cave is ranked in the top 7 world wonders in 2020

The world famous travel magazine CondeNastTraveler published an article introducing the 7 wonders of the world by Aaron Millar.

Wonders of the world in 2020

According to Aaron Millar: 'Wonders are nourishment for the soul. Humans are the only animals on earth, as far as we know, to be moved to tears by the beauty of the sunset, the magic of the stars at night, and may be amazed. achievements of the past . '.

Among the 7 wonders introduced by CondeNastTraveler, Son Doong cave (Vietnam) ranked second with the description: 'is the largest cave on the planet, containing a rich underground forest with rare plants. , milky white insects and vines hanging around giant stalactites and stalagmites . '.

1. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

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Mosquito Bay is the best place in the world to see one of nature's most fascinating sights: bioluminescence . Located on the island of Vieques, off the east coast of the main island, the bay is home to a plankton called dinoflagellates. This species emits green light when agitated. Guinness world records have recorded the brightest bioluminescence for this creature in Mosquito Bay. It is known that only 6 places on the planet have the same phenomenon and this place is the brightest.

2. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

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Son Doong is the largest cave on the planet. Located deep in the forests of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, the largest cave is 600 feet high, 300 feet wide and over 2.5 miles long (equivalent to 183m high, 91m wide, 2.3km long). A Boeing 747 can soar through it.

Due to the size of the cave, the cave has its own ecosystem. Clouds gathered around the mouths of the cave like giant natural skylights shining rays of light into the darkness inside. And where that light shines, life arises: a rich underground forest filled with rare plants, milky insects and vines hanging around giant stalactites and stalagmites. There is even an army of monkeys, probably the only monkeys on the planet that consider the earth to be home instead of trees.

Only a small number of tourists are allowed to explore Son Doong each year. What they see is the scenery unlike anywhere else on Earth, a huge mysterious world hidden underground.

3. Met Crater, Arizona (USA)

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Barringer Crater is the best-preserved meteor impact spot on the planet. About 50,000 years ago, a 300,000-tonne rock burned the atmosphere, striking the earth 1,000 times more forcefully than Hiroshima's nuclear bomb. The ground melted immediately, leaving a 550-foot-deep pit and about a kilometer in diameter still visible to this day.

When you witness Barringer crater, you can see the moment of impact and feel the terrible power that it creates. Barringer is the first site convincingly demonstrated by the impact of an asteroid.

4. Marianna Abyss, Marianna Islands

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The Marianna region is the deepest of all the oceans in the world. At the lowest depth, called Challenger Deep, has a depth of 35,787 feet (about 10,908m). If you drop Mount Everest inside it, the peak won't even rise above the surface of the ocean. There are many wonders inside the Marianna area such as: strange creatures that glow in the dark, heat vents that can hold clues about the origin of life on Earth . Scuba diving tourism is on the rise. but with technology today it is not possible to explore to the bottom of the cliff.

5. Don Sheldon, Alaska

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As a whole, Don Sheldon forms a circular theater with jagged snow peaks surrounding Ruth Glacier. This is one of the most incredible landscapes in America. Deep in Denali National Park, for many years, it was inaccessible except for some talented climbers. Now, a new luxury motel named Sheldon Chalet has been opened on a cliff in the middle. Named after the legendary Alaska pilot, Don Sheldon - the first person to find this location more than 50 years ago.

6. International Space Station ISS

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NASA has just announced plans to allow travel to the International Space Station (ISS). ISS is not only the largest and most complex machine ever to fly in space. November 2, 2020 will mark two decades of continuous ISS. ISS orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, every day for the past 20 years. The trip to ISS is expected to be more than $ 1 million per passenger but it can also be an opportunity that can change your life by being able to see the fragility and beauty of our planet firsthand. ta.

7. Caracol, Belize

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The ancient Mayans were a remarkable people. They did not have advanced tools but built large stone cities in the middle of one of the most dense forests on earth . Located in the tropical rainforests west of Belize, the site is 30 miles wide. square (about 50km 2 ) only about 10 people visit every day. And perhaps that is the most authentic way to experience the mystery and magic of the ancient Mayans.

Caracol has thousands of ruins to explore, but the most impressive is Caana - a 143 feet long pyramid, where the king of Tollan once lived. Climbing to the top of the tower is the same scene as it was more than 1,500 years ago: no tourists, no souvenir stalls with only jungle and stone pyramids in the distance as far as can be seen with the naked eye.

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