Story about 'devil tree': Witness the massacre of 1 family and many other deaths

In the past, many people intended to cut down an oak tree more than 200 years old, also known as a devil tree, but failed.

In the town of Bernards, Somerset County, New Jersey (USA) exists a very mysterious field by the presence of over 200-year-old oak trees believed to be associated with the death curse. To increase the fear, people call it "devil tree".

Picture 1 of Story about 'devil tree': Witness the massacre of 1 family and many other deaths
Oak over 200 years old with deadly curse.

There are many stories around the devil tree, one of which involves a farmer in the early 1990s. At that time, people exploited this field to plant but then there was a failed crop. make everyone feel depressed. In the midst of despair, the farmer asked the family to camp under the beech tree before killing them with an ax. It is believed that at that time, the killer had depression. And it seems that he felt guilty, so he committed suicide at the scene of the crime just hours after the crime.

In addition, the dark power of the demon tree is said to be related to the Ku Klux Klan movement - the superior white theory. In the 1920s, New Jersey was the hotspot of this controversial movement. Many have been told that farmers in this area who did not join the movement would be executed right under this oak tree. Therefore, the leftmost branch of the tree, near the ground, is believed to be the hanged of an anti-Ku Klux Klan component. There are so many deaths related to the devil tree, so the locals always feel the strangely dark atmosphere every time they pass here. Many people claim to have heard the creepy sounds coming from the oak tree.

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The local people always feel the strange gloomy atmosphere when passing by here.

The "reputation" of the devil tree was passed down by people and attracted a lot of curiosity. People coming from all over, crossing the field to get closer to the oak, admitted they felt chills down their spines, as if someone was staring at them even though there was nobody here. Among them, a man called "Old Nick " also claimed to protect the demon tree from afar, not for anyone to despise or intend to damage the tree.

However, without the protection of "Old Nick" , the demon tree is also said to be unable to be cut down. Even snow can not fall here when winter comes. Many brought axes to cut down the demon tree, so that it set the fire on fire but there was no way to succeed. The government of the town of Bernards, by contrast, erects fences to protect demon trees from human attack and destruction.

Not stopping there, people also believe that the devil tree is also involved in the underworld. On the tree appeared many evil symbols but did not know whose. Near the oak tree is a rock called "Heat rock" , always warm and warm regardless of spring-autumn-winter season. That's why it is supposed to be the gateway to hell.

Picture 3 of Story about 'devil tree': Witness the massacre of 1 family and many other deaths
The Bernards town government erects fences to protect devil trees from human attack and destruction.

Although there are many legends about the devil tree, not everyone believes in its evil power. Those who knowingly check rumors on old oaks do not have a happy ending. There was once a teenager who despised rumors about the devil tree, so he drove here and climbed the tree. Immediately after, his car suddenly started the engine and dashed forward. Finally, it crashed into another tree at the end of the road. Although it did not cause casualties, this incident indicated that the devil tree should not be played. After that, all the car accidents, murders, suicides or big storms . causing the deaths of people in the area are attributed to the devil tree.

The authorities in the town of Bernards once intended to develop the land where the devil tree is located but then, this plan changes and they turn to protect the centennial tree as well as the land surrounding it. Today, a sign near a devil tree identifies the field area as a public park and closes every day after sunset.

Many tourists come here to see the devil tree, but climbing the tree is not a good idea. A man named Steve K. had a terrible experience sitting on a tree.

"We were sitting on the tree when we heard the noise coming from the tree. The sounds got louder then a loud bang came with the tremendous energy from the tree that blew me and my body away. you go up in the air. After landing, I have broken bones in two different positions on the body "- Steve recounted.

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