Strange disease: Wifi allergy syndrome and 5G technology

If using wifi or the network even standing next to any zoom station, the woman feels like a needle.

Currently, network, wifi, 4G have become an indispensable part of modern life. We will feel cramped and difficult without the means of networking.

But there was a woman who was so sensitive to the Internet that she got sick!

Picture 1 of Strange disease: Wifi allergy syndrome and 5G technology
Rosi and sleeping bag away from wifi radiation.

Rosi Gladwell from Totnes, Devon, said that she is sensitive to Wifi and has spent years protecting her health, feeling worried and scared when people introduced 5G technology.

She believes that the electromagnetic radiation emanating from the wireless internet is the reason why she feels weak, has difficulty breathing and always feels like a needle has been stabbed in her face.

"I am really afraid of the future," she said. "My symptoms include the feeling of having a needle stabbed in my face, weakness and difficulty breathing. Currently, I have tried to make myself safe by "I live in a rural house where electromagnetic frequencies can't be measured. But if they develop 5G, I don't know what the future will bring. It's a really scary problem."

"If I go to a cafe, I will sit outside and if we go out to dinner, I will bring my radioactive detector. I will also find the seat with the least radiation in the room , " Rosi added.

Because of that, she splashed a lot of money on the equipment in the hope that they would protect her, including a portable radio detector worth £ 200 (nearly 6 million).

She cannot use wifi, mobile network because she feels very unstable.

Rosi also said that she can only have a good night's sleep if she sleeps in a 400-pound (about 11.5 million) sleeping bag woven in silver and copper, more seriously, Rosi also wrapped herself in a protective net.

Rosi is sensitive to electromagnetic fields about 6 years ago. She felt better turning off wifi and wireless landline phones indoors.

Since then, she spent most of her time with her husband in the Andalisia motel, Spain, and used sleeping bags during a 30-hour ferry ride across the Mediterranean.

And Rosi decided to leave the city: "I have no way to go through a big town anymore because the signals are getting stronger. If I am exposed to radiation for too long, I have to go home. and for two days thereafter not watching TV or interacting with wireless networks " .

Rachel Hinks (44) from Chichester, England, has been living in complete isolation from society for the past few years because of her strange disease: Allergy to electromagnetic waves.

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Rachel lives in the woods for fear of wifi.

Rachel said: "In the past, many days ago, I wanted to explode because of this disease. I had to sleep in the car, even bring a tent to set up in the forest just because I could not continue to endure. that torment is also ".

A few years ago, 15-year-old Jenny Fry from the UK encountered bladder problems due to exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Jenny's parents have repeatedly petitioned the school to arrange for her to study in a limited electromagnetic wave classroom but has always been rejected.

Finally, around June 2015, Jenny hanged herself from a nearby home because she wanted to permanently end this horrific invisible torture.

Electromagnetic allergy also has the scientific name EHS. It is also considered a problem that caused quite a lot of controversy in medicine.

Scientists say 4% of the world's population is sensitive to EHS and that is an incorrect figure. Many people today are feeling unwell, exhausted and stressed, one of which is due to radiation levels.

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