Strange phenomenon in South America: Earth is about to reverse?

Many satellites and spacecraft have been troubled by the anomalous changes of the Earth's magnetic field, possibly signaling the repetition of the geomagnetic reversal from 780,000 years ago.

From the trouble of several satellites and spacecraft, the scientists analyzed data from the European Space Agency's Swarm satellite (ESA) and calculated the magnetic field in a large area, with The focus is South America, extending to the southernmost tip of Africa, having reduced its strength by more than 8% in just 50 years (from 1970-2020). It was named "anomalous region of the South Atlantic".

According to Dr. Jürgen Matzka from the German Center for Geoscience Research, a member of a multinational research group, magnetic field abnormalities have only become apparent over the past decade, but have grown faster and faster in Lately year.

Picture 1 of Strange phenomenon in South America: Earth is about to reverse?
A graphic image depicting the Earth's magnetic field, the redder the color shows the strong magnetic field, while the darker the area shows the weaker the magnetic field - (photo: DTU Space Research Institute (University of Knitting Technology) Circuit)).

The cause of the condition is still unclear, but the nature of a magnetic field change inevitably comes from a change deep within the Earth's core.

According to ESA, the greatest possibility of the phenomenon is the sign that the Earth is about to "reverse" in terms of a magnetic field . Specifically, the two magnetic poles will be changed, Antarctica to Arctic and vice versa.

Previous studies have shown that the Earth usually reverses the polarity every 250,000 years. The last reversal happened 780,000 years, which is now overdue. The fact that the Earth has reversed repeatedly shows that it does not seem to pose any danger to living things. But with modern human civilization, we will certainly suffer great damage in the navigation system - telecommunications because the Earth's magnetic field is the "backbone" of the technological world.

Earlier, scientists noted another change that also suggested that the Earth is about to reverse, that is, the North Pole has long left its traditional position in the territory of Canada, gradually drifting to Siberia - Russian Federation. .

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