Summary of 'hot' news on April 2

Predicting the future of the earth in 2050, the mysterious message of aliens, alien viruses exist on the ocean floor, 7 animals "too fast too dangerous" than super heroes, take pictures ghosts in the universe . are the most interesting news in the past week.

Good news for the week

1. Predicting the future of the Earth in 2050 makes people shiver

With the development of science and technology, we have self-driving cars, or semi-smart robots. In parallel with the technological progress, humanity has been faced with numerous difficulties from epidemics, poverty, natural disasters .

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1/3 of the world's population has no access to water in 2050

Urban residents tripled, half of the world's population has no water to use, millions of starving people . are the problems that the Earth may face in the next four decades. . See details here.

2. Detect the mysterious message of aliens

Astronomers have discovered a series of mysterious pulse signals originating outside our solar system and forming a strange, unexplainable form.

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The scattered measurements of all 10 FRB pulses are multiples of 187.5.(Photo: Daily Mail)

So far only 10 impulse signs, such as fast radio bursts (FRB) , have been discovered. Astronomers are still not clear what they are. See details here.

3. "Alien" virus on the seabed

Efforts to find aliens should probably start down the ocean's waves, instead of outside our atmosphere, after scientists discover a new virus, Extremely strange hidden deep in the sea. See details here.

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The image simulates how the new virus changes "mooring tip" (purple) to infect archae bacteria.(Photo: Daily Mail)

While studying bacterial species growing on fossil fuel deposits deep inside the Earth, collectively known as archae , experts from the University of California Santa Barbara (USA) discovered a New viruses poison them. See details here.

4. Does Tatooine planet in Star Wars really exist?

Two astronomers Ben Bromley and Scott Kenyonn have discovered the possibility of a Tatooine-like planet in the Star Wars science fiction movie. See details here.

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The binary star system in the science fiction film Star War

5. Which passport has the most "power" in the world?

Although Americans can comfortably travel to many parts of the world, American passports are not the most powerful.

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Passport of Finland, Sweden, England

The most powerful passports in the world in 2015 belong to the United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden, and are making those who love traveling around the world be 'jealous', by owners. They are accepted to travel in 173 countries without a visa. See details here.

6. 7 animals "too fast too dangerous" than super heroes

There are many images of superheroes that Marvel and DCComics have brought from comics to small screens that not only children but also young people are fascinated by super coolness.

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Octopus knows to imitate Loki

But these are only characters in fiction. In fact, many animals also deserve to "cut their feet" into the list of superheroes' pet list with the ability to seem simple but supernatural to humans. See details here.

7. Decode "alien" creatures that are chased by Malaysians


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This strange creature was originally a Malaysian dog bear.

The appearance of a strange creature in a village in Malaysia around the end of January created a fever after the most realistic images of it were widely shared online. After 2 months, up to now, this alien creature has been rescued by the center from danger and caring. See details here.

8. Secret to see the most special "Blood Moon" in the 21st century on April 4 in Vietnam

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In the evening of April 4 , when the Moon rose at the eastern horizon, Vietnamese people and residents of some parts of the world had the opportunity to observe the phenomenon of total eclipse, also known as " The first blood moon "in 2015. See details here.

9. Capture the "ghost" image in the universe

The Hubble Space Telescope of the US Aeronautics Agency (NASA) has observed the specter of destined celestial bodies lurking around where these objects appear and disappear.

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Photographs taken by Hubble's glass show eight unusual ring-shaped structures orbiting the orbits of galaxies harboring them and glowing ghostly blue light . They appear clearly in space thanks to the radiation explosion from a supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy. See details here.

10. Animals are 100% real but identical to "fake goods"

The history of world science has many times witnessed the strange creatures discovered that caused a stir in public opinion.

However, there are also many stories that no one believes and thinks like a joke is really a proof of a real animal in the world.

Picture 10 of Summary of 'hot' news on April 2 Okap hybrid horses

These are bizarre-looking creatures that many believe are not real in life. See details here.

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