Surprise the world's 'hardest to kill'

Despite being repeatedly assassinated, even shot and slashed directly, they still did not die. They are considered the most difficult people to kill in the world.

1. Rasputin

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Rasputin - believed to have let go of the gruesome curse that destroyed the Russian royal family - has repeatedly "died" . Rasputin is one of the most difficult people to kill in the world through many birth and death.

Rasputin was repeatedly murdered like a knife stabbed in the abdomen, then poisoned with alcohol and cakes impregnated with cyanide but still safe. Next, Rasputin was shot four times. The strange thing is that Rasputin still survived those tribulations.

In the end, the group of people who attacked Rasputin hit him with sticks and wrapped them in cloth and threw them into the river. A few days later, Rasputin's body was found floating on the Neva river.

2. Fascist Adolf Hitler

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Hitler was assassinated more than 50 times before committing suicide in 1945. As a child, Hitler almost drowned. Later, he was once assassinated in a beer shop, while giving a speech, or during a meeting right inside the solid "Wolf's Cave" bunker . Despite the events of that life, Hitler was still calm. strangely unscathed.

One of the most famous assassinations of Hitler was a car carrying Hitler while walking through Charles de Gaulle square in the Polish capital Warsaw (current name), which was nearly exploded by Polish troops on October 5. / 1039. But fortunately, a Polish citizen accidentally broke the plan to assassinate Nazi bosses.

3. Cuban leader Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro was also assassinated many times. According to some documents, the US Intelligence Agency (CIA) has assassinated leader Castro 638 times.

The CIA used many "tricks" to assassinate the Castro leader, such as cigar bombs, mushroom-diving suits, hiding poisons in lotion boxes, using mafia . but still could not kill him.

4. Leon Trotsky

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Leon Trotsky, a former Russian revolutionary leader operating with Vladimir Lenin, was assassinated in Mexico City in August 1940. The assassin broke into Trotsky's house and used an ax to slash the revolutionary leader's skull.

The strange thing is that Leon Trotsky did not die immediately. Instead, he stood up and struggled with the assassin until the security guards arrived. However, the next day, Leon Trotsky died at the hospital.

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