The 12 most famous plots of the Zhuge Liang era are still valid today (Part 4)

The Three Kingdoms era of war, witnessed the appearance of such heroes, prominent military masters and stratagems to change the history wheels. The following are the most striking intrigue that are eternally recited, like the unique anecdotes in history books.

Bang Thong donated Lien to complete Cao Cao

Cao Cao destroyed Vien Thieu, broke Kinh Chau, brought 80,000 troops to Truong Giang to the east. The army stopped at Han Giang, Cao Cao pointing to Giang Dong, wishing to unify the world. However, the General of Cao's army was all northerners, not familiar with water. When exercising on the river, soldiers with storms caused vomiting, dizziness. Bang Thong was originally a scholar in Giang Dong land to meet Cao Cao, making a plan:

"If you use a steel wire to fasten a big boat into a small boat together, every 30 or 50 boats make one, above, spread wooden boards, first you can go on a boat like on a flat land, the steed can go too. Again, the second is continuous, the volume of the battleship is very large, it can reduce suffering because of the wind, the waves on the river are no longer scary. "

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Bang Thong devotes himself to tying the boat to Cao Cao, causing him to rejoice over the biggest concern.

Cao Cao immediately followed. Bang Thong again lied that he had to return to East China to advise Zhou Yu of Dong Wu to surrender. Remove also nodded consent without any doubt.

Cao Cao obviously did not know in Dong Ngo, the admiral Chu Du soon had a meticulous plan. Zhou Du asked Bang Thong to design the boat to make a connection, making Cao Cao's boats locked together, to facilitate fire fighting. Chu Du also collaborated with the old general Hoang Cai to use the humiliation of suffering. Huang Cai was beaten to the point of torn flesh, then sent to Cao Cao a letter of intimacy to kill Zhou Yu.

After that, at the right time, Hoang Cai led 20 fire boats full of reeds, dry wood, covering up the fire conductors like the royal, the most fire target toward Cao's camp. When Dong Ngo's boat was about 2, 3 miles away from Cao Cao's naval base, Hoang Cai crossed his arms, the boats most burning fire. The fire met with strong winds, the wind blew, the fire burned, the boat shot like a shot, in a moment, the fire caught the sky.

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Hoang Cai ruffled, fired fire immediately after Khong Minh prayed for the Southeast wind, cremated the Cao army.

20 battleships rushed into the water camp, the continuous battleships were in distress and riot, no way out. Immediately, there was an explosion on the river, and a fire boat of the Dong Ngo army came from four sides. On the Tam Giang gate of Xich Bich, fire burns in the sky, red in the sky. The Eastern Wu army shouted loudly, the name shot like rain. Cao's army was defeated.

Gia Cat Luong and Bang Thong are the top scouts of the Three Kingdoms period, dubbed the "Long" , the most "Phuong" . The hermit Sima Huan once said: "If there is one of them: Ngọa Long (Khong Minh) or Phuong Sat (ie Bang Thong), then it is possible to determine the world". In this battle of Xich Bich, Chu Du of Dong Ngo received the full support of this Long - Phuong couple, so that it could break 83,000 troops of Cao in just one night, it was like a fairytale. so!

Old General Hoang Trung presented Thien Dang Son

Hoang Trung (145 - 220) is a famous veteran of the Three Kingdoms period. He began to follow Liu Bei when Liu Bei brought troops to get Kinh Chau. The generals Hoang Trung and Quan Vu used to fight each other, their talents were equal, beating with no defeat. He is also one of the "Five Tiger Generals" of Thuc Han.

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2 veterans are showing their talents in front of Khong Minh and Lord Luu Be.

In the 70th episode of "Three Kingdoms of Expression", Wei Wei was Zhang Xue after defeating Zhang Fei in Ngaau Khau Ai and was granted 5,000 troops by Cao Hong to attack Ha Manh's door. The news about Chengdu and Zhuge Liang used the plan to encourage General Hoang Trung. Hoang Trung asked the other veteran Nghiem to go to the battle. Liu Bei agreed, all the generals laughed.

Hoang Trung wanted to occupy Thien Dang Mountain, where the Cao Cao army's workshop was kept and thought of a plan. Hoang Trung pretended to lose to Cao's army in several matches, retreating to the gate. Huyen Duc worried, asked Khong Minh. Khong Minh said is Hoang Trung's trick to give the enemy an enemy. The generals do not believe. Liu Bei asked Liu Feng to respond.

At the second soup, Hoang Trung led 5,000 troops from the gate to pull down. Cao's army was not defended, so he lost big and died a lot. Hoang Trung chased to the morning, robbing many camps and then urging the troops to pursue. Cao's army retreated to Thien Dang mountain. After that, Cao army returned to counterattack but failed. Han Hao, the Haunted German was killed. Cao's army left Thien Dang mountain to run to Dinh Quan mountain.

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Hoang Trung used the plan to kill Ha Hau Duc to get Thien Dang mountain, and made a great success.

It is called this "three step backwards". General Hoang Trung repeatedly lost, lost many camps, fled to the gate, made the enemy arrogant. Cao's army felt that he was very good, and Hoang Trung was both old and weak, and from that point, he was caught off guard, not on guard. This is a key point in the art of using soldiers, Hoang Trung marched unexpectedly and rapidly to the Thien Dang mountain.

Cao's army disdained, thinking that the chase of the Hoang Trung army was tired, so they rushed down the mountain to fight, suspected to be beaten and no longer strong, the general also died. Nghiem Nhan again tried to fire the camp fire, Cao's army completely lost Thien Dang Son. Indeed, "the older the spicy ginger " is.

In Kien An, the twenty-third year (218), in July and the good day Huyen Duc led the army to the gate of Ha Manh to camp, with Hoang Trung and Nghiem Nhan returning to the camp to reward him very well and saying: "Everyone says The old and weak general, only the monk who knew the talents of the general, is now able to make a strange feat. "

Confucius fake demonic ghosts reap all rice in front of Sima Italy

In the 9th year of Kien Hung, in the spring of February, Khong Minh led ten thousand troops to fight Wei. It was the fifth year of Wei Thai Hoa. Wei master Cao Tuan heard the news immediately for Sima Yi to destroy the enemy.

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Sima Yiyu gave orders, bringing troops to fight against the Shu.

Sima Yi told Zhang Cable that: "Now Khong Minh frantically pulls troops to harvest rice in Lung Tay, to make food. You should build a camp to Ky Son, I and Quach Hoai patrol the Thien Thuy districts. the enemy came to harvest rice ". Zhang Cable obeyed, leading forty thousand troops to keep Ky Son. And Sima Yi pulled the army to Lung Tay.

Confucius took troops to Ky Son, arranged the army somewhere, and saw that beside the Vi River there were Wei soldiers guarding them, and told the generals: "The Sima Italy has been here. Currently, we are short of wages in our camp. , two or three times sent people to urge Ly Nghiem to come and not see, I guess rice in Lung Thuong was ripe, so secretly leading troops to reap ".

Then he sent Vuong Binh, Truong Xu, Ngo Ban and Ngo Y four generals to stay in Ky Son. Confucius led Wei Yan, Jiang Wei and the generals to Lucheng, all over 30,000. The county magistrate, who knew Khong Minh, rushed to open the door. At this time, the army returned to the newspaper, Tu Ma Yuc led ten thousand troops to Lung Thuong.

Khong Minh took the map of the area to see, then asked Thai Beast about a location called "Bai ma" , it was known that there was no ghost, but the air was still drowsy, the wind whistled. sounds very creepy, sounds like a ghost. Seeing that, Khong Minh laughed and said, "God let me succeed here."

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After listening to Thai Beast describing the unusual terrain, Khong Minh smiled because he had thought of a miracle to trick Trong Dat.

Immediately take a bath, change clothes and then send out three four-wheelers, the same jewelry, this car is prepared in Shu. At that time, Khong Minh sent Khuong Duy to lead a thousand military vehicles, five hundred soldiers to beat the drums, to serve after Thuong Nhai. Sai Ma Dai, Wei Dien, each led one thousand military vehicles, five hundred soldiers beating drums, readying two left-hand faces. Each side has a car, uses 24 people, wears a dark shirt, walks barefoot, loosens hair, fights against the sword, hands holding a black flag, swirling around pushing the car. Three generals received orders, leading troops to push the car away.

Khong Minh sent three thousand soldiers to carry the scythes, ropes, to reap the rice, and sent 24 soldiers, dressed in thick robes, and kept his hair bare, holding a sword to push a four-wheeled vehicle, and ordered Quan Hung to eat Wearing the role of heaven, holding the handle of the shadow, drawing miserably, walking in front of the car. Khong Minh was sitting in the car, arriving at Wei's camp. Wei's army saw all the sutras, did not know people, or demons, hurriedly went to report to Sima Yi.

He went to the camp to watch, saw Khong Minh wearing a brocade hat, wearing a crane blouse, holding a feather fan, sitting on a four-wheeler. There are 24 people with hair and hair hanging and holding a sword. In front of him, there was a man with a dark face, like a god in heaven. Italy said: "This is Confucius, it is evil!". Then he called for two thousand soldiers and told him, "You can run quickly and catch the rest."

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Zhuge Liang faked the demonic fake ghost to dance before the Sima Y camp.

Wei's army obeys, chasing after. Confucius saw Wei's army come and sent the car slowly to go to Thuc camp. Quan Wei turned his horse and tried to chase, only to see the cold wind and thorns, dark clouds, and chased away the road but could not keep up. The Wei army marveled, stopped the horse and told each other: "How strange! We chase after a while, up to thirty miles of road but still looming in front of us, can not keep up, do not know the reason why? "

Just like that, every time to push the army to chase for a few dozen miles of road, it will be forever and never catch up, not understanding anything. At this time, Italy dragged soldiers to ask them when the general recounted them. Then the wind hissed again, the scary sounds of people, smoke flying in the sky, half-blurred, half-hearted, struggling to move on or back, suddenly heard, on the left side of the empty drum, a group of troops poured out. In time to send the soldiers to resist, he saw that in the Thuc army, there were 24 people, who wore their hair barefoot, black clothes and darkened, and pushed a cart. On Khong Minh's car, he wore a dark hat, and the silver shirt sat down and his fan in hand.

Italy said in dismay, "Just over there, there was Khong Minh sitting in the car, chasing fifty miles and not being able to keep up, why is there a Khong Minh here? That's strange! That's strange!".

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I thought to see it with my own eyes, and I didn't know what kind of "souls" those guys were.

Having said nothing, at the right hand, there was a row of drums, a group of troops came, and among them, Khong Minh was also in a four-wheeled vehicle, describing 24 people who were guarding, just like the previous ones. He was skeptical, turning to tell the generals: "This must be a god of war."

The Wei army now fluttered, did not dare to fight, find the way to run. Suddenly, seeing the drum beating the wine, an army pulled out, also Khong Minh sat in the car, shaped like the previous ones. The Wei army was terrified. Sima Yui did not know if it was a man or a devil, and how much the Shu army was afraid of, all the way, led the army to run to Thuong Nhai, shut the door tightly, and did not dare to go out. Then Khong Minh sent three thousand soldiers to cut all the barley in Lung Thuong, transport them to Luoi, and hit the paddy to dry.

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Painful, Italy felt extremely humiliated because of being hurt by Zhuge Liang.Just angry!

Sima Yi is in Thuong Nhai citadel, three days do not dare to go out. Later, when the Thuc army retreated, they would dare to send troops to patrol. Military troops captured the Thuc army along the road to return to Tu Ma Italian, it recounted the situation when Italy fell down and cried: "Khổng Minh real has the demonic possessions".

Seeing that, the military resource of the Shu General was indeed unpredictable, each different battle had a different plan to suit the situation, there were plans to use and reuse the enemy still intrigue, there are those who have not heard it before, just spoiled in reality!

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