The artificial moon of China: forever a dream

Both Chinese and billionaires Elon Musk (USA) have ever made plans to manufacture the Moon or the artificial Sun . However, there is still a long distance between dreams and reality.

On October 10, the Tian Fu New Area Science Society - a private scientific organization in China, announced plans to replace the street lights in Chengdu with a satellite launched into orbit with a capable design. Reflecting sunlight to Earth at night. However, in a recent interview with Journal of Astronomy, professor Ryan Russell, aerospace engineering expert at the University of Texas Austin, made the judgment, based on his understanding, that the Moon multiplied Creating is just an impossible plan.

Picture 1 of The artificial moon of China: forever a dream
Chengdu intends to launch a satellite designed to act as an artificial Moon.(Photo: Getty Images).

Earlier, Wu Chunfeng, the head of the Tian Fu New Area Science Society, interviewed China daily, said the artificial moon will be about 310 miles above Earth, and the light it reflects. Projection is expected to be about one-fifth the intensity of ordinary street lights. As planned, the first artificial Moon will be deployed in 2020, after that it will continue to launch 3 more satellites if the effect is as expected. Chunfeng also stated that satellites can light a large area of ​​up to 4,000 square miles.

However, this is not enough to convince Russell.'Their statement of a satellite in orbit near Earth, at an altitude of about 300 miles, must have been a typo or intentionally sent false information. What I read implies that we can hang a satellite right above a specific city, and of course this is not possible , 'Russell told Astronomy.

To keep the satellite in place just above Chengdu, it will need to be brought to a height of 22,000 miles above the Earth's surface - Russell explains. And so, its surface also needs to be made larger to reflect sunlight from that distance. While at a height of 300 miles, satellites will rapidly rotate around the Earth and illuminate new locations. Even, even if the city can realize the artificial Moon plan, Russell also thinks it is not recommended.'This is really a very complicated solution because it can affect everyone, while the original purpose is simply to serve some objects,' he said. 'It could even be pollution of celestial light'.

For this reason, perhaps Chengdu should not remove their street lights.