The bizarre hobby of the youngest Chinese Emperor

Cao Vy is the 5th emperor of the Northern Qi dynasty in Chinese history. During his reign, the Northern Qi Dynasty became ruined when the government was rotten but after the throne, Cao Vy did not care about the main court.

The Emperor just likes to eat and play

Each month, this emperor only once appointed the king. There were even times when he let the ambassadors wait until noon and then let the eunuch come to inform them not to come.

Picture 1 of The bizarre hobby of the youngest Chinese Emperor
Each month the emperor points to the upper court once.(Artwork).

The body is a king of a country, but the government does not care about it but Cao Vy thinks of new games to play and enjoy with the frequency and women in the harem. He was only interested in how there were so many beautiful women in his bow.

Whoever has the courage to persuade Cao Vy to take the country of great importance is to be dismissed or worse than decapitated. As for those who have meritorious dignity, they will send many beauties to the palace, think of ways to help him to play, enjoy the pleasure, they will all be used and given the reward and promotion.

At that time, the people lived in a mistaken situation when Bac Te approached the demise. However, in the palace, Cao Vy constantly stopped to build new palaces everywhere to please the beautiful people.

Right in Cao Vy's harem, there are more than 500 women serving. He proclaimed himself as an "Emperor without sadness" when he could eat and play happily throughout the day.

Non-nude grace for people also admire

Among the beauties that Cao Vy deeply loved, it was impossible not to mention Phung Thuc who had no real name, Phung Tieu Lien.

Feng Xiaoping was originally a female servant in the palace to serve the Queen, Queen, and the third major of the High Emperor Emperor. Not only possessing a predilection for beauty, Phung Tieu Lien also played good or sing and was exceptionally cunning and cunning.

Picture 2 of The bizarre hobby of the youngest Chinese Emperor
Phung Tieu Lien was highly favored by Cao Vy, ignoring madness.(Artwork).

At that time, Item Hoàng Hoa was disgraced by the emperor when Cao Vy's night and night only paid attention to the beauty of another frequency. Worried about being deposed like the previous two Empresses, Section Hoang Hoa foolishly followed Phung Tieu Lien's constitution: offering her to the Emperor.

Feng Xiaoping then said that he would make the Queen's eyes and ears and find a way to isolate the Emperor's cockroaches with other beauties. But the Queen's Item could not imagine that all were Phung Tieu Lien's plans and plans.

According to the records left behind, Feng Xiaoping has a rare, pure ivory white skin. In the winter, her body was like a warm quilt, and the summer was as cool as a stream, always as fragrant as a flower.

Great beauty plus the ability to flatter, good at heart has helped Phung Tieu Lien be Cao Vy beyond expectations, delusion to madness. Even, the Emperor allowed her to be "seated in the same chair, go out with the car" - acts that were considered guilty when the army, could be subject to punishment for them.

Picture 3 of The bizarre hobby of the youngest Chinese Emperor
Even the Emperor allowed her to be "seated in the same chair, go out with the car".(Artwork).

Soon after, Feng Xiaowen was promoted to Shu, the title just behind the Empress. He loved this beauty so much that, even at the time of the tidal regime, he did not leave Feng Xiaoping.

The great mandarins at that time had to witness many times when the king had just discussed the great state, while embracing, so that Phung Tieu Lien sat on his lap talking and joking.

The Queen now knew that Phung Tieu Lien's plot was too late. But multiply that reap. Feng Xiaoping had to bring shameful obsessions because of the monstrous wildness of the Emperor Gao Wei.

Cao Vy now said that the magnificent beauty and the radiant skin of Phung Tieu Lien could hardly have a chance to admire. The people who embrace the beauty of their own mistress are wasted for the world. That's why he had a sick decision with his charism.

In the dynasty the following day, Cao Vy ordered Feng Xiaoping to set up a court with him. He ordered a large table in the middle of the court, ordered that Phung Tieu Lien must remove all his clothes and lie naked so that the martial arts officials could step up to admire.

Picture 4 of The bizarre hobby of the youngest Chinese Emperor
Cao Vy had a sick decision with his charism.(Artwork).

This incident was too humiliating for Shu's position, which was just behind Empress like Phung Tieu Lien. But perhaps that is the price to pay for a woman who is too insidious, taking advantage of the Queen's trust to achieve her own goal.

Cao Vy sat on the throne and enjoyed only 10 years, then Bac Te died. He left the throne to his son Cao Hang, who was only 8 years old at the time to flee with Feng Xiaoping. Unfortunately, the two were detained in Chang'an. Cao Vy was then forced to drink poison and died, Feng Xiaoping, due to his rare beauty, should be spared, becoming a spoils given to one person after another.

Finally, in 581, after the humiliating experiences and evil life in the harem, Feng Xiaoping committed suicide, ending the life of a beautiful but cunning beauty.

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