The creature suspected of sucking blood causes a stir in America

A photo of a strange creature that appeared in South Carolina, USA, sparked speculations about the legendary Chupacabra monster that sucked away goat blood.

Doug Stewart , discovering an unusually thin-shaped creature with gray skin while playing golf at Santee Cooper Country Club in South Carolina, USA, Grind TV on August 10 reported. The series of animal photos were shared by Stewart on Facebook on August 6, attracting nearly 2,000 shares and 800 comments.

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Strange shape creature was photographed by Stewart at the golf course.(Photo: Facebook).

Some comments suggest that a furry dog-like animal may be Chupacabra , a monster in popular legend in Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Chupacabra means the "goat blood sucker" in Spanish, thought to be the culprit who killed 8 sheep in Puerto Rico in 1995. Since then, there has been no official confirmed Chupacabra.

"I met one who ran right in front of a job in Charleston. A colleague who came right after me also saw. When we listened to it, the locals said it was a Sampson fox." a reviewer comments.

Jay Butfiloski, manager of the Furbearer project at the South Carolina Natural Resources Agency, identified the creature in Stewart's photos as a creature of the dogs with scabies, like a coyote or fox. According to Butfiloski, scabies is a parasitic disease that can spread to people in rare cases. Severe scabies such as Stewart's encounter means that animals will surely die from secondary infection or starvation, or both.

Identify creatures like blood-sucking demons in Paraguay.(Video: YouTube).

Some people seem to disagree with Butfiloski's opinion because there are no grassy wolves with such long tails and big ears. Butfiloski shared that he could not make any conclusions about which species of the species had not yet examined the body details.

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