The death of Chris is famous for being the world's largest fur

Chris the sheep, a famous marino wool sheep once discovered with the heaviest sheep in the world, died in Australia.

The animal gained global attention in 2015 after being discovered carrying with it what it described as a marino wool, valid for about six years. It has provided humans with 41.1kg (88lb) of fleece - which is claimed to be a world record.

Picture 1 of The death of Chris is famous for being the world's largest fur
Chris was in a very bad condition of needing a haircut when he was found in 2015.

On Tuesday (October 22, 2019), sheep caregivers at a farm in New South Wales said it died of old age . "It is heartbreaking to lose this sweet, wise, friendly soul," wrote Little Oak Sanctuary online. Chris is said to be at the age of 10 - the average age of a merino sheep.

This sheep has won the hearts of many fans after being discovered and rescued near Canberra (the capital of Australia) four years ago.

At the time, animal protection experts warned that the weight of wool - nearly five times the normal size. This is a hazard to its health. This has been denied by a national champion of sheep shearing, Ian Elkins, who says he has never seen anything like that in 35 years of work.

Hundreds of Australians volunteered to adopt the sheep, and Chris's fur coat was later displayed at the Australian National Museum. The story was also recorded in a picture book for RSPCA.

The reserve added that while Chris is not only famous for his fur, he also leaves much better things than that.

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