The 'invisible' mega yacht is worth $ 110 million

The high-class yacht named Fata Morgana is designed to blend into the polar ice landscape by pretending to be a giant iceberg.

Picture 1 of The 'invisible' mega yacht is worth $ 110 million
Fata Morgana is shaped like an iceberg.(Photo: Sun).

The 70-meter yacht was the idea of ​​designer George Lucian in Nice, France. The vehicle can accommodate 12 passengers and 18 crew. In addition to the swimming pool and helipad for helicopters, the cruise ship also has an observatory so passengers can watch the clear sky of the North Pole.Fata Morgana will be used to go to the sea and detect new melting areas in the Arctic Circle.

Picture 2 of The 'invisible' mega yacht is worth $ 110 million
Fata Morgana looks like it blends into the polar landscape when viewed from afar.(Photo: Sun).

According to Lucian, the yacht will be equipped with advanced vibration reduction system so that the view from the observatory is not affected by the movement of the vehicle. The modern shape of the yacht is inspired by stealthy military aircraft and aircraft models.

All equipment on the yacht will be adjusted to operate in Arctic conditions. Fata Morgana will pass through the Northwest Corridor of the Arctic, where ships were previously difficult to navigate due to the large icicles. A giant kite is attached to the front to help tow the yacht and save fuel.

Lucian also shared that the yacht will support climate change activists in both form and practice. The devices will transmit water temperature data to international organizations. Meanwhile, the design of the yacht will remind people of climate change issues as well as melting conditions of icebergs and ice caps.

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