The man grows thousands of bubbles on the skin

The whole skin on this Indonesian man is deformed, developing into bubbles of different sizes.

Chandra Wisnu, 57, rarely dares to leave the house and if there are rare occasions like that, he must cover people and face with a towel and sunglasses so that everyone can be frightened and ridiculed.

Due to a rare skin disease, all the skin on this Indonesian man is deformed, developing into balloons of various sizes that make him look like a fruit-filled fig tree. .

Picture 1 of The man grows thousands of bubbles on the skin
Mr. Chandra and thousands of bubbles grow on the skin

The skin bubbles began to appear on Chandra's face at the age of 19. By the time he was 24, he began to spread to his back and by the age of 32 he was almost covering his entire body.

Chandra is diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that causes abnormalities in the nervous system that cause benign tumors to grow on the skin or bone.

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He has been prescribed by doctors to use some skin creams, but no cream can stop these skin bubbles from spreading. Without a cure for the disease and the lack of economic conditions, Chandra gave up hope to return to normal and learn to live with the disease for decades.

"Later, I could no longer find any reason to go to the hospital and did not see a doctor since then. This disease greatly affected my life. The lumps were very itchy and painful every time. It's so hot, so that the lumps aren't itchy and people don't stare at me, I have to wear my jacket and cover my head every time I go out " - the man with 4 children confided.

After decades of hiding in the house, Chandra decided to reveal his face and illness to the world known in the hope that foreign experts could help him cure him after discovering his son. both of them are Martin Ananda (32 years old) and daughter Lis Candra (26 years old) also begin to grow bubbles on their bodies.

Mr. Chandra did not have money for his children to go to health care and was worried that the lives of two children with the same illness would be as boring as he was.

"I have never taken my child to see a doctor about this disease because we are unable to pay much medical bills. They have only small tumors, but they are worried that it will If there is a chance to get free treatment, I will take it, but now, family is all I need, " Chandra said.

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