The mark of the suspect is of ancient civilization on Mars

The video above of the hunters of life in the universe shows the image of ancient civilization on the Red planet.

The "Alien Hunters " group (UFAH) has just released images taken from the American Space and Aeronautics Agency's (NASA) exploration device, showing possible traces of a platform. intelligent ancient , Daily Star yesterday reported.

Picture 1 of The mark of the suspect is of ancient civilization on Mars
The image is said to be of ancient civilization on Mars.(Photo: Mirror).

In the video, strange shapes seem to be engraved on Mars's rock surface in the plain of Elysium Planitia , close to the planet's equator.

Some images look like dome with circles around. UFAH believes that these structures are walled cities. A comment on YouTube even suggests that Martian structures are similar to those in South Africa.

The ground on Mars is currently frozen, but geographers believe that the planet once had a favorable climate for life, based on previous rock samples. Photographs of Mars from NASA's probe also show that the Elysium Planitia plain was once the site of many volcanoes.

UFAH also claimed that Venus is an alien civilization's residence, capable of surviving in harsh climates.

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