The 'parade of the century' of the planets

July this year will take place a rare cosmic phenomenon: parade of planets with the participation of Glass, Earth and Sun. This is said by the famous astronomer Serguei Smirnov of Pulkovo Observatory in Russia, on

Smirrnov said: 'On July 6 this year, Glass, Earth and the Sun will be in a straight line that in the 21st century will not be any more. Such arrangement is much rarer than that of the Sun - Moon - Earth. In these days, Mercury's "transit" under the Sun disk will happen. '

Picture 1 of The 'parade of the century' of the planets

He also added that people will see a small 'cow' spot under the Sun and 'at the Pulkovo Observatory, we are preparing to show images from a telescope on a big screen and when then some people can observe directly. But it is more important to anticipate the effects of this phenomenon on the weather. '

By the time of the press meeting, someone asked about ET, the astronomer stated his opinion that aliens might have been exposed to humans, but they didn't want to do it anymore, because they consider people to be idiots.

'We have not experienced many challenges to gain the maturity of cosmic wisdom. For them, we are underdeveloped. Probably, they sent warnings to hundreds of billions of stars in the vast galaxy that existed alongside the Dwarf (which we call the Sun) having a dangerous civilization '. .

'It is better not to get close to that civilization, because the knowledge that ETs bring to the most advanced civilization on the planet Earth will be used by them to create super bombs and super substances. poison for their own people , 'Mr. Smirnov said.

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