The secret room may exist in King Tutankhamun's tomb

Thermal imaging technology helps researchers discover King Tutankhamun's tomb with a secret room, most likely the resting place of Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

Found a secret room inside the tomb phraoh Tutankhamun

National Geographic reported on November 6, the Egyptian Ministry of Archeology informed a group of scientists who discovered initial evidence of a secret chamber inside King Tutankhamun's tomb .

The team used infrared thermal imaging to survey the grave and measure the heat distribution on a surface.

According to Mamdouh el-Damaty, Minister of Archeology, preliminary analysis shows the existence of an area with a different temperature from the rest of the north wall. This area is most likely the dark spot in the open space behind the wall.

Picture 1 of The secret room may exist in King Tutankhamun's tomb
King Tutankhamun's tomb can be connected to a secret room.(Photo: Kenneth Garret / National Geographic).

The finding is consistent with archaeologist Nicholas Reeves's hypothesis, which was published earlier this year by Academia, claiming that the pharaoh's tomb consists of two covered doors and paint.

According to Reeves, doorways were among the evidence that the tomb was originally built for Queen Nefertiti, who died in 1331 BC. She is the uncle of Akhenaten, the father of pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Reeves had been searching for Nefertiti's grave while serving as the Amarna royal tomb project director from 1998 to 2002. In February, when he checked the grave scans, Reeves saw cracks revealed. the existence of two doors was sealed on the north and west walls of the grave. The smaller door is more likely to lead to the storage room, while the larger wing can open the queen's resting place.

In addition, the face of the portrait photo in Tutankhamun's tomb has features associated with Nefertiti such as a slightly arched eyebrow, a straight nose and jaw with a rounded chin.

Reeves also emphasized the size and layout of the grave is another proof. With 4 rooms, the grave is smaller than the other pharaohs, indicating it is in a larger population.

Infrared scans are not enough to make a final conclusion. " We need to conduct some experiments to confirm the exact temperature difference," said el-Damaty. The team will use the thermal imaging device for another week before confirming the results.

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