The singular invention saves you considerable water when bathing

An invention that worsens your bathroom, but is considered a genius idea, because it changes the extremely bad habit that most of us are having.

"Save the planet" - this is the message we hear every day. Remember, Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old environmentalist, once delivered a fierce speech in front of the heads of state around the world at the UN conference, and the overall message was still about "Must act." save the planet " only.

But to save the Earth, what specifically will we have to do? What is minimizing littering, reducing the frequency of using fossil fuel-powered vehicles (petrol, oil), increasing walking, using public transport . and so on. In addition, the following invention may be used.

Picture 1 of The singular invention saves you considerable water when bathing Photo 1 of The singular invention saves you considerable water when bathing
Exotic shower curtain.

It looks ridiculous, doesn't it? To put it correctly, this is a shower curtain hung by a London artisan named Elisabeth Buecher. The purpose of this curtain after about 4 minutes of showering, it will automatically erect the sharp spines up, forcing you to leave the bathroom to avoid using too much water .

Of course, those sharp thorns are actually very soft, so it can't hurt you. But it is enough to make you uncomfortable, so you do not want to take a longer shower. After all, people take a long bath because it is a time to relax. Bathing just uncomfortable, what else to relax?

Buecher has put this curtain on the chain of inventions: "Green warrior in the bathroom". She shared that the sharp thorns on the curtain erect thanks to a sensor integrated in the curtain and shower . When the water comes out of the hose for too long, the sensor will activate the identification on the curtain, thereby pushing the sharp spikes to stand up and forcing the bather to leave.

Currently, the curtain has not been released to the market, but has received positive feedback from a part of test users. It is considered to be an important invention to change the bad habits of each person, especially if it is designed more beautifully.

The reason this invention makes sense: Because you're using so much water terribly

Each day you drink 8 glasses of water, shower 2 to 3 times, happy to bathe? In general, don't worry about water? If so, then you are very lucky, because while you are reading this article, there are many people in the world who are suffering because there is no water.

For example, South Africa's Cape Town has suffered a drought that has lasted for more than three years and has not yet ended. As a result, dams containing water and natural reservoirs supplying water to 4 million people have gradually exhausted the law, to alarming levels. From here, the city is forced to limit the amount of water provided to residents, from 300l / day / person in 2014 to 87l in 2017, and 50l in May 2018.

50, 87 liters of water, sounds so much, right? What can be used for all that water? But you know what, actually, a 1-minute shower in the shower can burn 10 to 20 liters of water. That is with 5 minutes of bathing, the number can be up to 100l of water.

Picture 2 of The singular invention saves you considerable water when bathing Photo 2 of The singular invention saves you considerable water when bathing

But many people have a long bath habit, up to an hour. Try asking, is using such water too wasteful? That's why the invention really makes sense.