The video of the crow helps the hedgehog cross the road, making everyone laugh

Not all heroes need super powers or cloaks. Random acts of kindness are what make us feel warmest. And sometimes, these actions are not necessarily done by humans.

A new video shared on Twitter recorded such kindness. In that video, a crow is trying to help the little hedgehog cross the street. According to the explanation of the video recorder, the hedgehog is sleeping in the middle of the road, and if so, it is easy to be hit by a car.

Picture 1 of The video of the crow helps the hedgehog cross the road, making everyone laugh
Raven determined to lead the hedgehog across the road to avoid being hit by the car.

The man added: 'A crow is pushing a hedgehog across the street so it doesn't die (from a car crash). Not the hero always cloaked where ' . In less than two days, this video has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

A video camera is someone who is driving on the road. He stopped the car when he saw the hedgehog. And then the crow began to enthusiastically push behind the hedgehog, letting the hedgehog crawl into the street. It was not until the hedgehog reached the other side of the road that the crows left.

This lovely video is extremely enjoyed by netizens and everyone tries to praise the crow.

One wrote : 'If only there were a movie made about this couple.' Another commented: 'The natural world is wonderful. We can always learn a lot from even the wildlife. ' Some even use this video to send a message to their lover: 'When you see me in danger, please love me enough to do something like this to me!'.

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