Three artificial buildings are visible from the universe

Great Egyptian pyramids, greenhouses in Spain, Dubai artificial islands are buildings built by humans that can be seen from orbit.

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza experienced the destruction of war, looting, desert winds and erosion in several centuries.

While there are many conspiracy theories that the Great Pyramid of Giza is an alien building, it has a real relationship to the universe.

We can absolutely see them from above. On the last day on the ISS, astronaut Terry Virts took a picture of the Great Pyramid as in the video. The photo shows that on the day of good vision, the Great Pyramid can be clearly seen, especially when the Sun is on the right track and creates the perfect shadow.

2. Almería Greenhouse

The city of Almería in Spain is so dry that it used to be a favorite place to film cowboy movies.

But over the past few decades, hydroponic farm techniques have transformed this place into Europe's largest greenhouse. Thousands of greenhouses covered the landscape and not only reflected enough light for astronauts to see them from orbit but also cooled the locality, as soon as the rest of Spain became hotter .

3. Artificial islands in Dubai

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Islands are built mostly from sand.

Palm Islands is a series of artificial islands off Dubai, created by dredging sand from the Persian Gulf.

What is unique about this archipelago is that construction requires very little concrete or steel. Islands are mostly built from sand and although this leads to long-term erosion concerns, it is clearly a much more friendly way to transform the surface of our green planet.

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