Seeing the Great Wall from the universe: Fiction?

For a long time, people still believe that the Great Wall is an architectural work on Earth visible from the universe. However, recently, with the opposite assertion, scientists have made the pride of the Chinese people no longer complete.

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Let's start with the Moon, which revolves around the Earth at an average distance of 370,000km. Viewed from the Moon, the Earth is like a small blue and white ball, sometimes with yellow, brown or green patches if viewed through the clouds. Even on a clear, cloudless day, the astronauts' eyes could only dimly see large places like the Arabian Peninsula with a length of 1,900km and a width of 2100km. In case you have a telescope or eyesight 17,000 times normal, the Great Wall, about 6 meters wide, is just like an earthworm.

What about the Moon, but in other areas in space? The boundary between the atmosphere and the space - Karman Road - is located 100km above the Earth's surface. Here, the atmosphere is so thin that it almost does not exist, making the normal aircraft unable to operate because it does not achieve enough speed to have aerodynamic lift. Meanwhile, the lowest trajectories captured by spacecraft and satellites (such as the International Space Station) are much higher, up to 400km. So how do people see the Great Wall at this 'terrible' distance?

Picture 1 of Seeing the Great Wall from the universe: Fiction?
You can see the Great Wall in the photo of the area
Is the Mongolian area sent from the International Space Station? (Photo: NASA)

Some say that can be but only with perfect air and lighting conditions. Although the Great Wall is at least 8850km long, it is intermittent but interrupted along the terrain of each area. The material that makes up this giant city wall is also not prominent, including mostly stones and clay.

Even the first Chinese astronaut to fly into space in 2003, Yang Liwei, must admit it is impossible to see the great symbol of the nation and explain that possible levels of polluted smoke spread throughout Central Vietnam. China is the cause of obscuring vision. But according to Norberto López-Gil, a professor of vision science at the University of Murcia in Spain, observing the walls from space is what the human eye cannot do, beyond the physical limits of Cones are located in the retina.

If you see the Great Wall of the word in orbit, you can also see many other human constructions such as highways, bridges, dams, airports and even city lights at night. No need for scientists to speak up, we all understand that this is definitely fiction.

So why today, so many people still believe that China's pride - the Great Wall - is completely visible from space? This confusion is likely to arise from high-resolution images in the process of scaling, cutting and processing.

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