The length of the Great Wall increased twice

The Great Wall is actually two times longer than previously published data, a survey team has discovered more sections within the complex structural system of this project.

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Telegraph said contrary to the long thought, the Great Wall is not really a long wall but a series of overlapping defensive fortifications, built in nearly 2,000 years, with many of them. are the walls running in parallel.

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Great Wall

Beginning in 2007, a group of Chinese surveyors spread across 15 provinces to measure the wall segments they found. A total of 43,721 Heritage sites of the Great Wall have been confirmed throughout the country in the above survey.

"21,199km is the total length of the walls that have been built, although they may not be intact," said Dong Yaohui, deputy director of China's Great Wall Association.

Earlier, the length of this wonder of the world was announced to be about 8,850km, in which the colored wall section of the construction of the Ming Dynasty is one of the most popular tourist attractions in China. However, according to Tong Mingkang of the National Bureau of Culture and Heritage, only 8.2% of this wall is intact, while the rest is in a state of degradation. Many other parts of the Great Wall are also fragmented and abandoned.

The Great Wall was built from the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and continued to expand many centuries later through 13 dynasties. UNESCO recognized this work as a world heritage site in 1987. Efforts to map all branches of the Great Wall are part of the initiative to preserve this historic architecture.

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