Tonight is the best time to see Jupiter

Astronomers all know that June is the 'golden' time of the year to see Jupiter at the time of its brightest and biggest in the night sky.

The fifth planet from the sun will grow at dusk and we can see it all night with the naked eye throughout June.

Picture 1 of Tonight is the best time to see Jupiter
Diagram of Jupiter, Earth and Sun location on the night of June 10.(Photo: NASA).

However, according to the US Aerospace Agency (NASA), 10.6 is truly the best night for those who want to enjoy Jupiter, because this is the time it reaches the pulse position.

This is the term for the phenomenon of Jupiter, the Earth and the Sun in a straight line, with the earth in the middle. This position also allows Jupiter to be closest to Earth during the year, "only" 641 million km apart.

Picture 2 of Tonight is the best time to see Jupiter
Jupiter and its 4 largest moons.(Photo: NASA).

If equipped with good binoculars or a small telescope, you can also see the four largest Jupiter moons of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, or even some striped clouds around the onions. fine.

Jupiter will shine more than any other star in the night sky, and is the second brightest planet to lose to Venus, according to However, Venus only proves its presence in a short time, while Jupiter is always brilliant all night in this special month.

According to calculations, the cycle revolves around the star's sun is 4,333 days. At a size of 143,000km, it is the largest planet in our solar system, 1,300 times the Earth and carrying a powerful moon team, to date has reached 79.

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