Turn over the most shocking murder case of the 20th century

The case occurred in 1959 in Holcomb, Kansas (USA), the victim was the Clutter family, consisting of a couple and two children. This is one of the most shocking robberies of the 20th century, inspired by Truman Capote's famous "In Cold Blood" novel (1924-1984).

The culprits were Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, then arrested, brought to court and sentenced to death by hanging in 1965.

The case seems to be closed forever, recently, by using modern DNA technology of the 21st century, it was turned over when scientists discovered that their crimes were more serious. That's very much because it could be related to another mass murder.

The team conducted excavations of Hickock and Smith's bodies on Wednesday (December 19) to sample DNA from bone marrow for verification.

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Cliff and Christine Walker and their two children.

Shortly after killing the Clutter family in Kansas, the two men fled to Florida with a stolen car. By December 19, 1959, just 34 days after the death of the Clutter, another family, including the Cliffs and Christine Walker and their two children, were shot dead in their home in Osprey, Florida, 10 miles south of Sarasota. .

Christine Walker was raped, her 2-year-old daughter drowned in the bath. Evidence shows that Hickock and Smith went shopping at a store in Sarasota on the day the Walker members were killed, causing authorities to put them on the list of major suspects.

A semen sample was obtained from Christine Walker panties. DNA from this sample will be compared with DNA from killer bodies.

Years ago, comparing DNA in similar cases is sometimes unreliable, but the new technology now offers almost absolute accuracy. ' We can identify even smaller, rotten models - things that were not easy 20 years ago,' said Kyle Smith, deputy director of the Kansas Investigation Bureau.

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