Users do not need to worry about using E5 gasoline

E5 gasoline used for traditional gasoline engines will not cause any technical problems, does not greatly affect the engine structure. This has been confirmed by the world many years ago.

This affirmation is made by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Le Ninh, expert on internal combustion engine and motive mechanics, Nguyen Vice Chairman of Vietnam Automobile Engineers Association, Member of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

Exploration would like to introduce some ideas of Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Le Ninh which has been published in his research on internal combustion engines over time.

Environmental friendliness

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People poured bio-fuel E5 at a gas station in District 3, HCMC.(Photo: Hà Thế An).

E5 gasoline is a mixture containing 5% alcohol Ethanol refined with 95% A92 gasoline used to run motor vehicles and motorcycles. This brings many benefits to human life as well as the environment.

E5 gasoline contributes to reducing gasoline supply for cars, motorbikes and gasoline-fueled engines.

On the other hand, in theory, the ideal combustion process produces only carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), water (H 2 O) and nitrogen (N 2 ). But in fact, the combustion process occurs in the combustion chamber of the engine is not so ideal.

The combustion process actually produces dangerous toxins such as NOx, carbon monoxide (CO), CnHm, sulfuric (SO 2 ), and organic dust . These are the main causes of environmental pollution. However, using E5 will reduce the amount of toxic gas emitted from the engine.

Moreover, E5 will reduce the cost of buying fuel because the price of one liter of pure alcohol is usually cheaper than the cost of a liter of gasoline.

E5 gasoline is not harmful to car engines

E5 gasoline is actually a mixture of 95% A92 gasoline and 5% anhydrous alcohol (ie, hydrated C 2 H 5 OH ethanol).

This fuel mixture, when used in traditional gasoline engines, will not cause any technical problems with its use, and will have no major impact on rubber or plastic parts. in engine structure. This has been confirmed by the world many years ago.

The problem is why is it only E5? America and European countries also use E10. But why is it just E10?

The answer is because refined alcohol is aggressive for some organic materials such as rubber and some artificial plastics.

These substances are often used as fuel pipes for engines, used as soft cushions (written in French as joint, read in the way Vietnamis North is John and the South is called " center" ) placed in the middle of the term. join two hard parts.

For structures made of traditional organic materials in industrial countries in the Americas and Europe, the invasion effect of E5 or E10 has not caused the destruction of these pipes or gaskets.

But if they pass these thresholds, things will obey the 'Variable lead to turn' rule and fuel pipes and pads that come in contact with gasoline with a high concentration of refined alcohol can be destroyed. , causing fuel to leak out and it is a risk of car fire.

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Starting from 01/01/2018, E5 gasoline officially replaces A92 petrol nationwide.(Photo: Hà Thế An).

Can E5 petrol be used?

When using E5 gasoline, the calorific value of this gasoline will decrease slightly due to the calorific value of ethanol is only 56% of that of pure gasoline. Therefore, when not changing the engine structure (such as increasing compression ratio and increasing the appropriate ignition angle soon) but simply pouring E5 bio-fuel into the machine, the engine capacity may be slightly weakened. and fuel consumption a bit more, but not significantly.

However, it should be warned that, for old-fashioned engines using carburateur, if the amount of ethanol increased to 10% in the bio-fuel component, that is the danger of E10. Because at this time, E10 can damage rubber parts, especially those made from natural rubber such as gasoline, pontu in carburetor ., even for a few another kind of plastic.

In short, users need not worry about using E5 bio-gasoline for their car. The cost of 1 liter of bio-petrol is about 2,000 VND cheaper than A95 petrol.

Only thing to note, the technology for producing gasoline E5 component ethanol is a mixture of water and alcohol. When extracting, industrial alcohol accounts for 98% and still 2% is water. Because if refined at absolute level, it requires very high technology and cost will be raised.

Therefore, users should not accumulate E5 too long in the vehicle, in case the ethanol in E5 absorbs moisture in the air, causing the separation of the water in the fuel, making it difficult to start the engine because the water is separated. The fuel mixture gathers at the bottom of the gas tank.

This problem only occurs when the vehicle is not used for a period of 1 to 2 months but in an E5 tank. Because in the process of moving will cause shocking by the road surface. When the car is jolted, the fuel tank is also bumped and 2% of the water will dissolve in the E5 gasoline solution. Therefore, when not using the car for 1 to 2 months, it is best to use all E5 gas in the tank to avoid the difficulty of starting the car.

This recommendation is only for use when the production of emulsified E5 gasoline is intended to completely dissolve water in gasoline. If an emulsifier is used, it is not necessary to do this.

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