Video: Lightning seen from space

Anything when viewed from extraterrestrial brings different feelings. Even natural phenomena that seem to be observed daily such as storms, lightning and lightning when viewed from the ISS station are very special.

According to Quartz, images of lightning taken from the ISS space station over the years show that lightning is mainly small blue or white light spots flickering in the night sky . In order to capture pictures of lightning strikes, NASA must use a Firestation- named tool on the ISS station with the main function of hunting lightning on Earth.

Picture 1 of Video: Lightning seen from space
Lightning is mainly small blue or white light spots flickering in the night sky.

The lightning is quite common in the atmosphere but it always happens very quickly, so the camera can not always catch up. That's why photos taken of lightning when viewed from outer space are quite rare.

NASA revealed there are about 4.3 million lightning strikes a day, equivalent to 1.5 billion lightning strikes throughout the Earth every year. Even so, NASA said, the agency is only interested in the rare type of lightning that can emit gamma rays, a type of radiation that is usually only produced when a star explodes or fuses.

Such lightning strikes are often referred to as TGF or gamma lightning . They have tremendous energy and can produce antimatter in the Earth's atmosphere in just 1 second.

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