Visit the Kennedy Space Center 'visit' Mars

At the Kennedy Space Center, visitors visit the rocket launcher area, have lunch with astronauts, visit Mars and watch the turtles from crawling across the road.

"This is a small step of a person but a great leap of humanity." 50 years ago, American astronaut Neil Amstrong said so when he first set foot on the Moon.

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Simulation of Mars surface at KSC - (Photo: HA BINH).

The place that put him in human history is the Kennedy Space Center (Kennedy Space Center, KSC) in the state of Florida, USA.

Today, this is where the spacecraft launched by the US Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA). This is also the space launcher of Spacex Company - led by billionaire Elon Musk - bringing astronauts to space on March 2, 2019.

KSC has an area for visitors to simulate the training experience in the universe, 4D cinema to conquer the universe of people, the journey to Mars, the story of "heroes and legends" in the field of space, up to services like . lunch with astronauts.

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Lunch with astronauts - (Photo:

But perhaps the most anticipated visitor is to take a bus to admire the rocket launch area and spacecraft after waiting for about 30 minutes.

Of course, many people have watched through clips before every occasion of launching spacecraft through space. But seeing this greatness with our own eyes is a special thing.

NASA's vehicle assembly center was also impressed by its massiveness. This is one of the largest one-story buildings in the world when it is over 160m tall. Around it, the car carrying the equipment to the launch pad also made visitors rub.

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Tourists take photos with "heroes and legends" outside the center - (Photo: HA BINH).

Bus stops in front of Apolo Center. There are two cinemas here. The first theater talked about the longing history of humanity's conquest of the universe and the second theater recreated the moment Apolo 11 brought astronaut Neil Amstrong to the Moon on July 20. At that moment, the theater created a vibrating effect and the sound reproduced so that visitors felt the historic moment.

There is also a display area with the content of "the man walking on the Moon" and the items and equipment that made history so that visitors can understand briefly the journey of discovering the Moon of humankind. .

KSC is also a wild nature reserve of dozens of hectares, so sometimes visitors are excited to see "cheap" turtles cross the street or crocodiles, eagles, flying birds. circling the lakes on either side of the road with green grass.

It was very touching to see so many colorful families bringing the children to KSC on the weekend. Many other children wearing elementary and middle school uniforms also came here in groups with their teachers.

Adults hold the children 'hands, tell them about the sky, about aspirations. And the kids, the curious eyes sparkling the dream of becoming a Neil Armstrong in the future .

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Building assembly of NASA equipment, one of the largest one-story buildings in the world - (Photo: HA BINH).

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Equipment for transporting spacecraft, missiles to launchers - (Photo: HA BINH).

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SpaceX of billionaire Elon Musk inside KSC - (Photo: HA BINH).

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The LC-39A SpaceX Heavy area, where the missile launches 2/3 of the billionaire Elon Musk - (Photo: HA BINH).

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Vehicle surface exploration Mars - (Photo: HA BINH).

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