What do you know about the radioactivity of water on earth?

According to the most recent estimates, the age of the earth is about 6 billion years. But 2 billion years ago life began to appear on earth. It is suggested that the stagnation of life on earth may be due to the high level of radioactivity that once dominated the earth as soon as it formed, resulting in the first living sprouts. may occur when radiation levels are significantly reduced in the earth's crust and atmosphere.

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In deep water masses in the ocean centers, radium is much higher than it needs to balance Uranium.

Water in the oceans contains billions of tons of Potassium, Rubidium, Uranium, Tori and Radium. The natural radioactivity of water on the continent and in the oceans is essentially radioactive decay of Potassium (К40). The amount of radium elements in the ocean's surface waters is about 0.4-10–10%. In deep water masses in the ocean centers, radium is much higher than it needs to balance the Uranium element. Water of natural sources contains Uranium elements from 5 · 10–7 to 3 · 10–5 gr./liter. In the northern hemisphere's rivers and streams, Uran has less water in rivers and streams in the Southern hemisphere. Water in low-lying lagoon areas, the concentration of Uranium can increase to 4 · 10–2 gr./Lit.

The radioactivity of river water is estimated to be about 10–12 Curi / liter, lake water - 10–11 Curi / liter and seawater 10–10 Curves / liter, by analyzing the accumulation of water in the atmosphere, we see Snow has higher radioactivity than rain. The process of snow and rain has the effect of cleaning the atmosphere from radioactive dust. Contains the highest levels of radioactive material, mist.

In the upper layers of the atmosphere, under the bombardment of the hydrogen nucleus of cosmic rays, forming a heavy element of hydrogen - tritium with high radioactivity and penetrating into the composition of heavy water Т2О then with Rain and snow will fall to the surface of the Earth. The overall volume of Triti in the oceans is nearly 800 gr. Its half-life is 12.2 years. Triti concentration in smaller ocean water in the country on the continent.

This helps elucidate the question, clouds accumulating water are formed in the atmosphere - partly due to the evaporation of oceans, and somewhat from water sources on the earth's surface.

In the human body there are nearly 3x10–3 gr. Radioactive potassium and 6x10–9 gr. Leave. Due to the presence of these radioactive substances, each body occurs 6,000 decay-Beta and 220 thousand decay-Alpha. In addition, as a result of cosmic rays, other human radioactive components appear. Thanks to carbon radioactive element С14 (2 500 decomposes Bета / sec). In the human body, 10,000 decomposition reactions occur every second. When the air around us, water, and soil are all radioactive substances, the human body - a radioactive apparatus, also participates in a common process that creates the radioactive 'fund' of nature.

Duy Khanh

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