What if humans parachuted into tornadoes?

Seen from outside, the tornado was like a wild cloud. Wind speed can reach 500 km / h and sweep everything around. However, the central area is quite smooth air.

Tornado is a very strong wind vortex phenomenon, the diameter is very small, sucking from the surface of the earth to the cloud of arms, forming a funnel-shaped funnel, looking like a hose. On the way it can be carried (then thrown down a long distance later) or destroyed everything, including the unstable brick houses, so it is also a particularly dangerous meteorological phenomenon.

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A tornado can reach speeds of 500km / h with a diameter of up to 5km.

It sounds like a terrorist, so most of us will think of a disastrous outcome when we encounter a tornado. However, the fact has shown that there are many cases of people being swept away by tornadoes completely without being injured. Or an even crazier assumption, if we leap even in the middle of a tornado, what would it be like?

Through many studies of these phenomena, in fact it was found that a tornado could reach speeds of 500km / h with a diameter of up to 5km. The temperature between tornadoes is 15-20 degrees colder than the outside, the continuous suction makes the air here much thinner than the outside so you need a tool to support your normal breathing.

Although the air here is quite smooth compared to the outside, the long existence in the tornado is also very dangerous when there are tons of objects from bricks, vehicles, animals . are also spin around and get ready to bump into you anytime . So unless you're sure the lucky god is standing by your side 24/24 so you can escape quickly from the tornado, don't ever have this crazy idea!

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