What is ketamine? How harmful is it?

On the market today there are many popular drugs such as stone drugs, ecstasy, US grass ... Ketamin is classified by experts and law makers as a group of synthetic drugs.

On the market today there are many popular drugs such as stone drugs, ecstasy, US grass . Ketamin is classified by experts and law makers as a group of synthetic drugs. The usual "shakes" (or slang) about Ketamin are "Ke".

What is ketamine?

According to the Wikipedia dictionary: "Ketamine is sold under the Ketalar brand and some other names, is a drug that is primarily used to start and maintain anesthesia. It causes a state like a hypnotized state. , relieve pain, sedation, and memory loss Other effects include chronic pain and sedation in emergency resuscitation, heart function, respiratory ability and general mechanical ventilation still work. When using this medicine, the effects usually begin within five minutes when injected and lasted up to 25 minutes. "

Ketamine is a drug?

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Ketamin is classified as a general drug by experts and lawmakers.

Ketamine comes in liquid, crystalline powder, tablets, capsules dissolved in water and alcohol. If administered intravenously after only a minute, the patient will fall into an unconscious state.

In addition to being legally used in health care (with the supervision of the authorities) for the purpose of pain relief, resuscitation, emergency ., Ketamin is also seen as a recreational drug because of its nature. Its "quick". According to experts, the hallucinogenic effect of Ketamin may last for 1 hour but it continues to affect the body in the next 24 hours.

Harm of Ketamin

Not only in our country but also in many countries around the world, Ketamine is classified into a group of synthetic drugs that can cause hallucinations, paranoia, agitation, not feeling pain, visual disturbances, the sense of taste, touch is distorted, disoriented in space and time, causing short-term memory loss, not knowing who you can lead to unsafe behaviors for yourself and people around . In our country, many heartbreaking cases occurred because Ketamin drug addicts committed criminal acts such as killing people, burning houses . causing extremely serious consequences for families and society.

In addition, recent studies have found some side effects of Ketamine such as: drowsiness, hypertension, increased heart rate, if overdose can cause damage to the bladder and liver. In particular, if using high doses in combination with some other drugs may lead to the worst consequences of death.

Because of these dangerous effects and addictive properties, Ketamin is classified as a hallucinogenic drug and is advised by experts to stay away (use only with the appointment of facilities). Medical reputable and licensed).

In the past, in our country, Ketamin was only managed at the level of drug poisoning in Table A prescribed by the Ministry of Health. However, before the illegal abuse of Ketamin, it caused serious consequences for the users and society themselves. On November 16, 2003, the Government issued Decree 133/2003 / ND-CP. add Ketamine to category III "toxic drug substances used in analysis, testing, scientific research, criminal investigations or in the medical field as required by treatment".

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