When Steve Jobs died at the age of 56, his brain was only 27 years old

Steve Jobs has a proven method that can reverse the aging process of the brain. This method also helps Apple founders can reduce stress, increase lucidity and creativity. That is meditation .

Writer Walter Isaacson, author of 'Biography Steve Jobs' , quoted:

'If you just sit and watch, you will find your mind becoming restless. If you try to calm it down, things will only get worse, but over time your mind will calm down. At that time, your mind will have room to notice more subtle things. That's when your intuition begins to bloom, you start to see things become clearer. Your mind becomes slower, more open and you will see things that have never been seen before. '

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In a way, meditation helps Steve Jobs eliminate the bad effects, have a clearer mind.

Although we cannot claim that meditation has given Steve Jobs the ability to innovate tremendously, it has in some ways helped him eliminate negative effects, have a better life and a brain. more lucid.

And meditation has another effect, maybe not even Steve Jobs himself, but has just been scientifically proven. That is to help reverse the aging process of the brain , literally.

Under normal conditions, the brain ages as we get older. According to research by Psychology Today: 'Brain scanning technology shows that aging causes the brain to contract. The nerves shrink, even leaving large holes in the brain. People can lose 40% or more of nerve cells, which can cause diseases like Parkinson '.

Aging brains cause many symptoms, such as slower reflexes, poorer memory, harder to learn new things, impaired mental endurance or inhibition. These symptoms usually begin to appear when we are over 45, most people will have 3-4% decline in mental agility, and begin to plunge from there.

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Eating a healthy diet and exercising your mind will help alleviate the symptoms of brain aging.

Studies show that eating healthy, exercising, brain training by learning new things, will help ease the symptoms of brain aging . But even so, you still can't stop your brain from getting older.

However, recently, a study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical University showed that sitting meditation for 30 minutes a day, for 8 weeks, can have the following effects:

  • Thickening the posterior cortex, increasing concentration and confidence.
  • Thickening hippocampus left, enhance the ability to learn, memorize and control emotions.
  • Thickening the junction between the apical lobe and the temporal lobe, increases the ability to collect data collected from the senses, creating a sense of the body of each person.
  • Shrink the almonds, reduce emotional reactions (including fear, anxiety and anger).

This study shows that meditation helps heal the damage of the brain caused by the aging process , making the brain as young as 25 years younger than the actual age of the body. Because Steve Jobs regularly meditated, even before his death at the age of 56 due to pancreatic cancer, his brain was still as healthy, active and creative as it was when he was young.

The research is published at the US National Library of Medicine, for more information here.

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