Why are cylindrical trunks?

Geometry tells us that the area of ​​a circle is larger than any other.

Geometry tells us that the area of ​​a circle is larger than any other. Therefore, with the same amount of fuel, if you want to create objects with the largest capacity or the most capacity, it is obvious that forming a circle is the most appropriate.

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The circular cylindrical trunk is beneficial for preventing many external influences.

It is not uncommon for people to make chimneys and water pipes. Actually it is a kind of imitation of natural phenomena (biological room) .

Next is the best round cylindrical bearing . The weight of the crown is large and round thanks to the tree's support. There are wrong species of trees. In the tree season, we still hang loads of dumbbells. If there is no strong stem to keep, how can we survive.

Moreover, the circular cylindrical trunk is also beneficial for preventing many harmful effects from the outside . If the trunk is square or rectangular, the trunk will have angled edges, making it easy to prey on rodents.

In addition, woody plants are perennials, in life it is difficult to avoid storms. Because the trunk is cylindrical, so no matter how big the wind comes from, it can easily glide across the surface, subject to only a small amount of wind.

Every living thing is moving forward on the evolutionary ladder of the world.The circular cylinder of the stem is the perfect result of that adaptation .

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