Why are sperm whales not infected with scuba diving?

Sperm whales are considered an animal around the world, meaning their range extends to all or most of the world in suitable habitats. They can be found in regions from the pole to the equator, in all oceans and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba diving is also known as depressive disease , mainly because nitrogen in the air under high pressure in the water has dissolved too much into the blood. If the pressure drops too fast, bubbles will form. Release, this is the same as the rule of opening a bottle of carbonated water that can suddenly bubbles. Bubbles will cause serious blood vessel obstruction which can lead to death.

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Sperm whales can dive both quickly and suddenly.

When people practice diving under water, need to replenish the air continuously, the lungs do not shrink, continue to conduct gas exchange, nitrogen gas will certainly dissolve into the blood. If they dive quite deep, relatively long dive time, very fast floating speed, it is very susceptible to scuba diving.

What people do not understand is that in the kingdom of the whale whose sperm whale is called the 'diving champion ' , it can dive as deep as 2200 m. Moreover, it can both dive fast, can just emerge abruptly, and not suffer from scuba diving. What is the reason for this?

Everyone knows that the deeper a water body is subjected to, the greater the surrounding water pressure will be, and at a depth of 1,000 meters the pressure will be over 110 atmospheres.

If speculation according to the cause of people with scuba diving, the sperm whale is very susceptible to scuba diving, but in fact the opposite.The reason is that when they dive underwater, the chest part shrinks with an increase in external pressure, the lungs shrink, the lungs become thick, the gas exchange stops. As a result, nitrogen gas cannot dissolve into the blood, so sperm whales are not infected with scuba diving.

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