Why did the Qing monks always wear a white silk scarf on their necks?

The simple white silk scarf is one of the most eye-catching accessories on the African costumes, the Manchurian Way, but its real use is not well understood.

The Qing Dynasty was always famous in Chinese history because of the rare and sophisticated jewels that were reserved exclusively for women of the aristocracy and the court. For women of this period, beautiful items for shaping their hair, hands, or accessories were just as important as a silk dress. Therefore, they began to create special attire to express their nobility and also made themselves more prominent in the three thousand period harem.

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The white scarf is no less important on the Qing Dynasty's clothing.

In addition to the usual items in ancient movies such as long fingernails, elaborate hair brooches or woven clothes, meticulously embroidered with the hands of the most masterful craftsmen; also to mention the white scarf is no less important on the dress of the Phi Phi, How to Thanh.

This white silk scarf is called "Long Hoa". It does not appear in any other dynasty in Chinese history but rather the characteristic of Manchuria women . Long Hoa is predominantly white and usually made of silk, so only rich people in Qing Dynasty can use it.

Not only that, Long Hoa also classified by rank and social status of the wearer . The frequency band has different position in high and low arc, the width, length and pattern on Long Hoa are also different. The person with the lowest status can only wear a simple white bandana, without any extra patterns. So in the Forbidden City, people can even determine the rank of a woman through the Long Flower they wear on their necks.

Picture 2 of Why did the Qing monks always wear a white silk scarf on their necks?
Both the frequency band and the female bow wear white silk scarves, but their design depends on the rank of the user.

Compared to the normal frequency, the Queen and Queen Mother's Dragon Flower are also more specifically designed. The queen is "a model of the lower world" , standing at the head of the harem, so the embroidery pattern on Long Hoa is not just ordinary flowers and leaves but is arbitrarily selected for a unique pattern, no who can. As a result, when the Empress steps into the Forbidden City, the Long Hoa becomes an extremely eye-catching accessory and shows the status that everyone must respect by the owner. As for the Empress, the embroidered pattern on Long Hoa is often the words "Tho" big, representing the supremacy of the Empress and meaning of living for a hundred years.

Picture 3 of Why did the Qing monks always wear a white silk scarf on their necks?
The noble and unique Long Flowers of Queen (right) and Thai queen (left) in the Qing harem.

In the continental palace with thousands of elementalists, the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty Emperor, the use of external Dragon Flower helps the kings to be more convenient in determining the rank of the dragon, it has a merit other uses. The traditional costumes of the Manchu, who have no collar, wear Long Hoa's purpose to make the difference between men's and women's costumes and create a more discreet part of the women's neck. This period.

However, along with the development of the era, at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the Long Flower on women's casual clothes was gradually replaced by sewing a fixed collar. . However, this is always one of the most beautiful and attractive costumes on the clothes of old women.

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