Why did the Qing emperor all die in winter?

Qing Dynasty is the last feudal dynasty in Chinese history. From the time the Qing troops joined, all in total there were 12 emperors, reigning time was 268 years. The powerful emperors are like ordinary people who have 'born old and sick '. One strange thing is that these 12 emperors mostly died in the winter.

  1. Huang Taiji died in September.
  2. Thuan Tri died in February.
  3. Khang Hi died in December.
  4. Ung Chinh died in October.
  5. Qianlong died in February.
  6. Gia Khanh died in September.
  7. Dao Quang died in February.
  8. Ham Phong died in August.
  9. Dong Tri died in January.
  10. Quang Tu died in November.
  11. Pho Nghi died in October.

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The Qing Emperor most died in the winter due to his age, illness and physical illness.

In particular, apart from Hoang Thai Polar, Gia Khanh and Ham Phong, the remaining 8 emperors all died in the period from October to February. According to the ancient conception, this time belongs to the winter .

So why did the Qing Emperor most die in the winter?The first cause is related to age . Khang Hi died at 69, Ung Chinh died at the age of 58, Can Long died when 89 years old, Dao Quang died when he was 69 years old. Although Ung Chinh died at the age of 58, for modern times it is not considered to be old, but in ancient times, it was also classified as an older one, not counting the nearly 70-year-old life expectancy of Khang Hi. and 90 years of Qianlong. Elderly people with weakness, poor resistance, disease of death in the cold winter is normal.

The second cause is related to disease . Thuan Tri died at the age of 24, Dong Tri died at the age of 20, Quang Tu died when he was 38 years old, both were healthy health conditions. These kings died in the winter because of illness. Thuan Tri and Dong Tri died of smallpox.

Around the death of King Quang Tu, there were many opinions, including the idea that he died of tuberculosis. These diseases were ineffective at that time, and winter was a period of strong illness of these diseases.

In addition to the causes of age and disease, there is also a physical cause. The emperor could say it was a dangerous job, especially in the Qing Dynasty, the emperors were very hardworking. Wake up in the morning for 6 pm until 8 pm. Although the Emperor has a rich life, eating a nutritious sea flavor, but being sedentary, labor leads to poor physical condition, when suffering from acute illness, resistance is often very poor, especially in the cold winter.

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