The inexplicable mystery inside the Qianlong tomb

So far science has not had a reasonable explanation for the phenomenon of heavy weight coffin of the "self-moving" Qianlong emperor . This makes the emperor's tomb much more mysterious.

Qianlong - The great emperor of Qing Dynasty

Thanh Cao Tong (born on September 25, 1711, the 50th year of Khang Hi - died on February 7, 1799, the fourth year of Gia Khanh), the year of Can Long , Ho Hoang Lich , was the fourth son. of Emperor Yongzheng and the sixth Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

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Portrait of Qianlong Emperor.(Photo: Wikipedia).

Qianlong is the emperor with the largest life expectancy in Chinese history (88 years), the reign of Qianlong lasting more than 60 years from October 11, 1736 to September 1, 1795, and was the period of prosperity. economic and military aspects of the Qing Dynasty.

He studied under the way of his grandfather's rule, the Emperor Kangxi, whom he greatly admired. When young, Qianlong made Khang Hy surprised in many fields, especially in literature and art. Khang Hi said that Can Long would be worthy of becoming the Emperor succeeding the Thanh after Ung Chinh (Can Long's father).

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Qianlong was a young man.

It can be said that Qianlong is one of the great emperors of Qing Dynasty. He mastered literature and art and was considered a talented military. Under the reign of Qianlong, Qing dynasty reached the golden stage of development.

Tomb of Qianlong - Gorgeous but mysteriously clever

When he ordered the soldiers to build the tomb area for himself in 1752, Can Long demanded meticulously about the sculptural features inside the tomb. To the point, archaeologists recognize that "extremely delicate sculptures, vivid and realistic drawings, tight composition, sculptural art in Qianlong era reached an amazing level".

Inside the tombs of these kings were built as follows:

The tunnel led to their grave of white marble, through four very elaborate carved gates of stone. Their resting place for coffins was an octagonal shape, carved on the ceiling of nine dragons in sparkling gold. The resting area is quite large and large by the electric Trung Hoa in the Forbidden City.

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Entrance to the tomb of Qianlong Tomb.

Qianlong is buried in two coffins. The inner and outer coffins are made of a special precious wood. The treasures in these two tombs include many extremely precious and expensive jewels of ivory pearls, in addition to the paintings, treasures, precious books, ivory and Buddha statues. The precious things made of silk and brocade are only decayed for a while.

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Meticulous carvings inside the Qianlong tomb.

But what makes people amazed not the extravagant luxury of Du Lang, but the mystery so far has no answer.

The first time was in 1928, the Ton Dien Anh army had once ordered the soldiers to carry out digging by the tomb of Tu Hi and Du Lang of Can Long. In the palace of Du Lang, there is a very solid layer of stone doors. Three layers of doors before the tombs were easy to open, but the fourth stone class could not be opened, eventually they had to resort to a large amount of explosive.

What makes them feel extremely surprised and fearful is that in the total area there are 06 coffins including Qianlong, 02 queens and 3 emperors including 05 coffins placed neatly solidly on the stone sieve (stone bed), the only coffin of Can Long is "moving" from the sandstone to block the stone door.

This makes people unable to explain because the Qianlong corpse is placed in two layers of clothing so the coffin is very big and heavy, and is placed on a rock bed. The four corners of the coffin are all fastened to the painted stone (known as the jelly). Long Son stone has a square above which is engraved long, a group has 4 pairs, each pair weighs hundreds of pounds, stone beds and stone paint use riveting form to stick together.

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Inside Qianlong Tomb.

Therefore, the coffin of Can Long "moving itself" to block the door is impossible. Some people believe that the coffin of Qianlong is soaked by water into the bow and is washed away, but this explanation is not satisfactory because the water in the tomb is very static so it is impossible to create any offensive power, cannot do drifting like that heavy coffin.

The second time , in 1975, when the National Bureau of Literature went to China to begin excavating Du Lang, after the first three layers of the first stone door opened very easily, people did not open the fourth door.

Finally the archaeologists had to use the way to open the top of the tomb, and the amazing thing was that the coffin of the Qianlong emperor continued to "move" from the rock bed to stop the door like 60 years ago.

So far science has not had a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. Perhaps in eternity, Qianlong king always sought to protect and did not allow anyone to experience the fall asleep of five women he loved very much.