Scary discovery about 1,400-year-old 'tomb of ghosts'

A strange phenomenon made the woman's body vanish after 1,400 years, leaving only in the tomb a black sketch of ghosts marking the body of the dead.

The 1,400-year-old tomb has just been excavated in Scotland surprised archaeologists, because the tomb does not seem to have any people but only a weird "ghost" of black.

Picture 1 of Scary discovery about 1,400-year-old 'tomb of ghosts'
Inside the tomb did not see the remains but only strange black streaks - (photo: PA).

Steve Birch, the archaeological supervisor in the area, recounted that after he discovered some strange black patches on the ground, he and his colleagues decided to dig further. But they did not see the remains, only the black streaks that looked like the ghostly contours of a mysterious hand painted on the ground.

Picture 2 of Scary discovery about 1,400-year-old 'tomb of ghosts'
The hole in the shape of a coffin - (photo: PA).

Through the black streaks, they identified the spine with individual segments, followed by the contours of the arm and shoulder bones. After that, the entire outline of a complete skeleton was found, surrounded by the faint traces of a coffin.

Further analysis shows that the ghostly outline on the ground in the tomb is actually . a human skeleton . The soil in the area is highly acidic, so over time, it has caused the bones of the dead to evaporate, leaving only black streaks of skeletons on the ground.

Picture 3 of Scary discovery about 1,400-year-old 'tomb of ghosts'
Panoramic view of the old cemetery was taken from above, where scientists have unearthed the "tomb of the ghost" - (photo: PA).

Other details of the ancient tomb make archaeologists think it was of a woman of noble status in Picts society - a tribal union in Eastern and Northern Scotland during the Iron Age. late and medieval from 270-900 AD.

The mysterious ancient tomb is still being dug in the hopes of finding a part of the skull that has not yet been disintegrated and acquiring a little bit of tooth enamel - which reveals a lot of information about diet, life of the exams. Ancient comedy.

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