The last frequency of the pilot was buried in Chinese history

Trinh Phi was the last person to die voluntarily when the emperor died, making a sacrifice for the passionate love between his cousin Dong Ngac Phi and the Qing Dynasty Emperor, Qing Dynasty.

Dong Ngac Phi was a frequency commander of the Emperor of Tri Tri. She entered the palace at the age of 18, was deeply favored by the emperor, and made a fortune after a month to the noble Emperor. In 1657, Dong Ngut phi and Thuan Tri gave birth to a prince but the child died three months later. Due to the grief, Dong Ngac became ill after his postpartum, and died in 1660, at the age of 21. After his death, Thuan De prosecuted her to make the Queen of the Queen.

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Dong Ngifei and Chinese Emperor of Qing Dynasty.(Artwork: Baidu).

Shortly after Dong Ngac died, Emperor Thuan Tri also died of smallpox. As a rule, the imperial court announced the relocation after an eight-hour period since the emperor's death. Everything will not be worth mentioning if in the relocation version, Thuan Tri did not mention the wife whom he favored even though he had died, moreover mentioned with implication of guilt.

According to "Vuong Van Tinh episode - Self-compilation yearbook" , Vuong Van Tinh was the one who composed three slides for Thuan De to consider before he died. Thuan Tri considered, pondered for a long time, until noon the following day decided, and that very night died.

The relic version has the paragraph: "Doan Kinh Hoang Hau keeps the filial piety with the Queen Mother, wholeheartedly and subordinate. Because of this common practice, because of this, Tram always feels guilty, that is Tram's wrong ".

After all, this sentence, though not mean, is direct, but cannot deny that the Emperor is intent on blaming the deceased. According to historical researchers, the content is not true for the character and affection of Thuan Tri for Dong Ngac phi. So, how did the Di projection turn into impeachment?

Resentment in harem

Lishichunqiu, a website specializing in Chinese history, cited Thanh's historical research experts, who said that in the period from Thuan Tri's death until the announcement of the relocation (8 hours), maybe The queen and the princes modified some details. This stems from the hatred of Queen Hieu Trang to Dong Ngac Phi for a long time.

Queen Hieu Trang did not agree to marriage between Thuan Tri and Dong Ngac from the beginning. Later, when the Emperor was defeated, the hatred, hatred and hatred of the queen for Dong Ngut Phi increased even more, because she insisted that too much memory of Dong Yin African was the main cause of her son's death.

In the history of Chinese feudalism, the life of the queen, the non-emperor is closely related to the destiny of the people in their clan. Dong Ngac Phi's death, the death of the Emperor, and the announcement of the contents of the relays worried the people who had a direct relationship with Dong Ngao Phi. Trinh Non-Dong Trong Thi, Dong Ngi's younger cousin, is one of them.

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Trinh Phi, Hoang Phi finally buried himself with the emperor.(Artwork: Baidu).

Frustrated by the anger of Queen Hieu Trang and with the desire to open her compassion, remove hatred and preserve the lives of the whole family, Trinh Phi decided to sacrifice, please be buried with Thuan. Tri.

That year, Trinh Phi was just 20 years old, in less than half a year had lost both her husband and her cousin. More tragically, Trinh Phi never enjoyed the favor of Thuan Tri like her cousin Dong Ngac Phi. Therefore, her voluntary immortality is not purely because of her affection for the emperor's husband, but rather to avoid a vengeance of the family, whose origin is the excessive favor of Thuan Tri for Dong Ngac phi.

From another point of view, the death of Trinh Phi was a sacrifice for the affection between Emperor Thuan Tri and Dong Ngac Phi. Thus, the burial of the emperor from ancient times in Chinese history has returned to the Qing Dynasty with this story.

Later, Emperor Kangxi pursued Trinh Phi as the Emperor Trinh Phi. Coming to Kang Hy in the 20th year (year 1673), continuing to "beggar" in Chinese history completely disappeared.