Why do cars cause drowsiness?

The body knows when we're tired so it will find time and place to sleep whenever possible.

But if so, why not everyone sleeps in a car?

Part of it is because not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. Scientists say some children aged 5-7 need only 9 hours of sleep a day, but others need 11 hours of sleep. This depends on each person's body.

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Photo Why do cars cause drowsiness?

We often fall asleep because the night before we didn't get enough sleep, this phenomenon is called compensatory sleep .

If before the day of departure, you have had enough sleep, then it is likely that you will not be sleepy when traveling by car. In addition, some people can control their fatigue better, they can wake up more easily than others. This is also dependent on how the person is born.

Another reason why you're drowsy when you are in a car is because the feeling of sitting in a car is quite similar to lying in bed . A comfortable chair, in a warm cabin in the winter or a cool summer, the feeling of relaxing when not working is similar to when we are in the bedroom making it easy to fall asleep when Ride.

Sitting still in a car can also make you feel bored. Usually during the day, we are busy doing this and that, but in a car, you do nothing but relax, watch things run through the window, not thinking about anything specific.

This is the same as the time we sleep in bed. The brain and body do nothing, so they are almost inactive and just want to go to sleep. This condition sometimes occurs with both drivers and is called hypnosis on the main road .

The slight, steady swinging of a car can make us sleepy. Scientists say that this movement makes us drowsy if we are tired, like when we were babies when we were sleeping, or when we were still in the womb.

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Photo 2 Why do cars cause drowsiness?

Scientists say that the gentle, even swaying motion of cars will make us fall asleep if we are tired.

When we drive, we still hear a small and steady sound from the engine of the car. Scientists call this white noise . This is a kind of tedious and continuous sound that easily makes us fall asleep. Many parents use this type of sound, such as a spinning fan, to help babies sleep, and some adults also use white noise to help themselves fall asleep.

Scientists do not know exactly why babies often order and sleep easily when they hear white noise, but the sound of motor vehicles running is a form of white noise.

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