Students make driver drowsy system

This system is installed opposite the driver. When the driver detects signs of sleepiness, the system will issue a sound alert to wake up.

This system is installed opposite the driver. When the driver detects signs of sleepiness, the system will issue a sound alert to wake up.

The above feature is the effect of the warning system of driver drowsy cars created by two students in Thua Thien Hue. They are Han Tho Nhat Phu and Hoang Quoc Huy (An Luong Dong High School, Phu Loc District) with the guidance of Mr. Dao Van Phung.

Picture 1 of Students make driver drowsy system
Find out if the driver is dozing off.(Photo: NVCC).

According to Phu, the phenomenon of drowsiness in traffic of long-distance drivers is quite common. This is really dangerous for the driver himself and other road users.

'If you enter the keyword accident by driver drowsiness, there are 1,490,000 results. This makes us feel a part of the responsibility to find a solution. From the urgent issue, we built the system based on Ubuntu 's open source operating system , Phu shared.

Over half a year, you proceed to learn and research the products that lead to the group's product. The system is built compact, easy to use, helping drivers avoid unfortunate accidents that may occur. Accordingly, when detecting driver drowsiness or drowsiness, the system will issue a sound alert in time.

The system is installed opposite to the driver. Light in the car should be moderate and do not shine directly into the camera to affect the ability to identify the system. The programmed algorithms are responsible for detecting the driver's blinking state in real time.

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Operation diagram of the system.(Photo: Nhat Tuan).

Next, the camera scans and calculates the distance between the eyelids. If the eye closes below the specified level for a period of 1 - 3 seconds, a warning will be issued.

Phu shared: 'The system can send messages to the driver and the owner of the management company (for taxis and buses) to take measures to alert, remedy and manage the driver's driving time. . The system is programmed on a miniature CPU with built-in camera and speaker connection ports so it can be easily adjusted to users' needs.

The system is a mobile product that can be moved and installed in any convenient position with high accuracy and quick warning . In addition, the installation, warranty, maintenance is quick, easy to upgrade, convenient and cost-effective. This system works well in low light conditions.

Through empirical testing at a distance of 40cm from the eye and 100cm, obtained an accurate result of 88%.

'Currently, our products can be put into use, but we want to improve the accuracy of the detection by more than 88% before we put it into practice. This product will help drivers get an option in the current drowsy warning products with low price, less than 2 million VND, ' Huy added.

Recently, this product has just won the second prize in Thua Thien Hue Province Youth and Children Creative Contest 2019.

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Representative of the group received the award at the Thua Thien Hue Youth and Children Creative Contest in 2019. (Photo: Nhat Tuan).

Talking to the Discovery Magazine, Mr. Dao Van Phung, the teacher who guided the two students, said that Phu and Huy are passionate about scientific and technical research and good care.

'The topic is highly applicable, creative, practical. Because at present, the number of traffic accidents caused by driver drowsiness is many. Therefore, when the driver shows signs of drowsiness, the system will notify via phone message and via an alarm. In the near future, the group will renovate a compact and convenient system for users. The topic really needs the attention of businesses for replication, ' Mr. Phung added.

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