Why do some people on the plane cry like rain?

Feelings on the plane are really . hard to describe, making you have really unexpected reactions.

Not everyone of us likes to fly, maybe even most hate it. Although fast, convenient, but the experience of flying is often difficult but comfortable.

Sitting on a plane for a long time, the legs are swollen, the ears are buzzing, the back is aching . But believe it, some people even . cry like rain every time they have to sit on an airplane. That's strange.

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Some people cry like rain every time they have to sit on an airplane.(Illustration).

According to a survey conducted by airline Virgin Atlantic, about 55% of participants said they were emotionally excited when boarding a plane. And in it, 41% of men had to use a blanket to cover the tears that were a bit . weak.

But what is the reason? Why cry?

In fact, Virgin Atlantic's research is done on people who use the movie-watching service. And after witnessing the results, they put more warnings: "Easy to cause strong emotions" for some films like . Toy-Story 3, or The Notebook - the films are considered quite touching. .

But the problem is that even though the film is moving, it is difficult to explain how much the crying rate is like that.

At that time, Jason Solomons, the film critic, said the reason seemed to be because you watched the movie in an unfamiliar environment, and that pushed the emotions higher.

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Sitting on a plane is easy to be lonely.

"When we fly, we feel lonely, whether it is because we are leaving a loved one at home or on the way back to them, that feeling remains the same".

"You feel nervous, tired, stressed out. When you look at a picture or a scene that reproduces that emotion, you will feel horribly sympathetic."

"Moreover, the movie screen on the plane is also quite close, the more it pushes the emotions".

Some other studies have also expressed sympathy, given that the experience of flying will bring some strange feelings to the body - such as affecting the mood, feeling, even causing . . itchy.

These experiences are not surprising given that the amount of oxygen in your blood drops by 25% because of pressure, while air conditioning makes the air become drier. All will affect your thinking and ability to make decisions.

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But maybe you're just tired, right?

You will feel more vulnerable - especially when traveling alone, around strangers. That feeling can be so big that it makes you cry.

According to some biologists, crying is an evolutionary instinct. When crying, people around are more likely to empathize with you, and will find ways to soothe, thereby creating a social connection between people. So in such an unfamiliar, vulnerable environment, is crying a way for us to exist?

Another reason given by Solomon, is that adults often rarely express emotions in the community. To cry, they will find a way to be alone before doing it - like when entering a car.

Or maybe you're just too tired, and suddenly burst into tears on the plane. Correct, right?

In fact, there are still very few studies that explain why we are more likely to cry on airplanes. But anyway, if you're like that, it's okay, so are many people.

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