Your logic test - just smart people can do it all

Logic experts can solve these puzzles easily! How about you?

Real logic puzzles are always exciting, no matter how easy or difficult they are. Honestly, there must have been many times when you have sunk for hours, solving some tough logic question? And then many times realized that its answer was surprisingly simple.

Below is a set of questions like that. Try to see if you can do it.

1. The Eiffel Tower is hated

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Maupassant is one of the rare French people who really hate the Eiffel Tower. Hate so much that every day, he had to choose to eat lunch in a place even if he wanted to not see the tower.

The question is: where did he eat?

2. Who is the culprit?

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4 men in the sauna. Jack is a musician, carrying an iPod. Steve is a banker, carrying a thermos flask to drink water. Patrick and Michael are lawyers, carrying documents to read.

The murder happened, Patrick was the victim, and there were only 4 people in the room. The examination showed that he was killed by a sharp object, but did not have anything that could be used as a weapon.

Police after looking at the other items immediately identified the culprit. Ask them how?

3. Angry wife

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Pete told his wife that he was going home at 8:00. He returned exactly 8 o'clock, his wife did not need him to buy anything. But she was still grumpy, very angry.


4. Why reveal?

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Mr. John was home alone, suddenly heard a crash in the bedroom. He rushed in and saw the statue of his favorite wife broke, and a shadow ran out.

John tried to chase. But when he rushed to the road, his glasses were frosted, and the intruder was able to escape.

However, when the police told the police, the investigator immediately denied that John was lying.

Is John's story really . hot? If yes, why was it revealed?

5. The ill-fated Lord James

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A murder happened at the villa. Millionaire James died in the room. The room has no windows, the main door is locked. Only 4 people have the key, and they are verified.

Sophia - the maid: "I came to call Mr. James up and saw the corpse scream."

John - butler: "Hearing the scream, I ran in, turned on the light and saw Mr. James lying there with a knife on his back."

Sarah - tutor: "I arrived at the same time as John; when the light came on, the room was covered in blood."

Jack - chef: "At that time I was cooking breakfast so I didn't see anything unusual".

So who's the killer?


  • 1 . At the foot of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 2 . The culprit is Steve. The thermos flask can be used to hold a sharpened ice stick. After the crime, the ice was melted before the police arrived.
  • 3 . Because the husband returned at 8am the next morning.
  • 4 . John made a story for fear of his wife. His story is very good, but it is impossible to have frost on the glass when you have just moved from a warm house to the road (the principle of condensation of water is to encounter a cooler surface).
  • 5 . The culprit is Sophia - the maid. Two people confirmed that the lights must be turned on to look, while Sophia opened the door to see the millionaire's body.

How many sentences do you answer correctly?

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