Apollo 11 astronaut: Migrate to Mars or die?

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut, said that the great human migration to Mars would be a matter of human survival. People need to explore or people will end their lives in the universe.

Buzz Aldrin was one of the first three men to the Moon 50 years ago with Apollo 11 mission astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

Mars is an important focus in human space exploration.

The former astronaut supported NASA's call to the US government in its mission to return to the Moon but added that Mars would also become an important focus in human space exploration.

Buzz Aldrin shared: "I support NASA's unmanned equipment tasks, but Mars is waiting for us to explore. Nor is it by smart robots, but by living, breathing, walking. reoccupation, care and breakthrough of people ".

Buzz Aldrin also stressed that it is feasible to carry out the migration to bring the entire humanity to the red planet, not just to select a few individuals.

In fact, there have been many books, noble plans drawn to explore further spaces but all are illusions. Humans now need to directly map a path to realizing life on Mars.

Buzz Aldrin also called on President Trump and the US Congress to launch space exploration programs; experimental buildings (moon settlements) and soon plan to permanently move people to Mars.

The former astronaut himself admitted, it would be a complicated task but "simply say the person to discover, or the person will end his life ". According to Buzz Aldrin, that's why humanity must continue its mission of conquering the universe.

Last year, Aldrin shared about the feasibility of space exploration ideas. In it, including detonating a nuclear weapon as a way to shape the red planet, or transforming Mars so it can support human life with technology inventors like Elon Musk has do.